A New Cult Arises

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

A Report by Ordinator Kilao.

As you know, we Ordinators of the Tribunal Temple do not take heresy lightly. When word reached us that a new Daedric cult was attempting to gain a foothold in the Telvanni Peninsula, I was immediately dispatched to assess the situation. Of course, operating in lands under the sway of House Telvanni is never easy in the best of circumstances, but something has made the reticent masters of the house even more uncooperative than usual.

After a few days of getting nowhere, I finally encountered a Breton by the name of Filbert Cienne while investigating Necrom. Before I could even ask a single question, he actually started to preach to me about the wonders of Peryite, Prince of Pestilence. He seemed to have no idea that I was an Ordinator, or even what that meant. I decided to listen and ask some questions of my own, since he was more than happy to discuss his heresy with me.

I listened to him drone on about the wonders pox and disease. He was actually trying to recruit me, to convince me to join his cult of sickness and vermin. When I could squeeze a word in edgewise, I asked him if he was part of the new Daedric cult I had heard about.

“Oh, you must mean the Hidden Kindred,” he said with some trepidation. “It’s sort of a loose association of cultists loyal to two different Princes. My small branch of dedicated divine skeever followers was summoned to participate, but we decided to forgo taking part. There’s just me, you see, and I’m not find of violence. I say sneeze and let sneeze, and all that.”

While the cultists confounded me with his inane rambling, I finally got him to reveal a few pertinent details about this so called Hidden Kindred order. He said they consist of an equal number of Peryite and Vaermina followers, those loyal to the Princes of Disease and Dreams. A high priest of Peryite who calls himself Blightcrown leads the combined forces, and Filbert claims that while he doesn’t know the details, he’s sure they have plans to do something unsavory in the region.

Before I could ask him more questions or arrest him for heresy, a procession of pilgrims headed toward the Necropolis suddenly filled the square. In the press of bodies, I lost sight of the Peryite cultist. While I don’t consider this Filbert Cienne to pose much of a threat to the Tribunal, what he told me about the Hidden Kindred gives me pause. A joint force consisting of followers of two Daedric Princes operating in the Telvanni Peninsula cannot be a good thing.

I shall continue to investigate and report my findings as soon as I am able.

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