The Forum Scholars Guild

The Forum Scholars Guild (or FSG) is a section of the library that hosts articles analyzing or summarizing lore, written by and for fans. While these articles are written by fans, they are required to pass a peer review process, cite their sources, and generally be academically sound.

Forum Scholar’s Guild: A Pocket Guide On The Nature of Places Not Here - Overview of planes outside of the mortal realm
Forum Scholar’s Guild: A Short Study on Ayleidic Symbolism - Examination of an Ayleid statue and how it reflects their religious outlook
Forum Scholar’s Guild: Analysis of Sermon Zero - Deciphers the hidden messages in this obscure text
Forum Scholar’s Guild: Arden Sul - Examination of mantling and the enantiomorph as it applies to the duality of Sheogorath and Jyggylag
Forum Scholar’s Guild: Distance Measurements In Daggerfall - How to measure distances accurately while playing TES2
Forum Scholar’s Guild: Dragon Break at Red Mountain - The events of Red Mountain in 1E668 and the Trial of Vivec
Forum Scholar’s Guild: Final Report to Trebonius - In-character explanation of what happened to the Dwemer
Forum Scholar’s Guild: Geo-Mythic Polarity - Postulates that a relationship exists between a culture's worship of Anuic/Padomaic pantheons and their location relative to Tamriel
Forum Scholar’s Guild: On Tonal Architecture - A theory of the destruction/creation effects of Kagrenac's Tools
Forum Scholar’s Guild: The Maruhkati are the Aedra - Postulates that the Eight Divines did not exist before the Middle Dawn
Forum Scholar’s Guild: The Rebel’s Return - How the Enantiomorphic Rebel/King relationship reoccurs throughout time
Forum Scholar’s Guild: Translating the Mysterium Xarxes - What Dagon's holy book says in plain English

The FSG originally included many more articles, which have now been removed because they are out of date. We encourage you to look back into Elder Scrolls history by reading them at this archive link.

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