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Postulates that the Eight Divines did not exist before the Middle Dawn

Kier-jo:Your monkeys dance on the Tower and the stars change and you do not remember.

I for one remember and that is what I am here to write to you about. I believe that when the selective “danced” on the Tower in the year 1E1200 they in effect became the new embodiment of the eight divines AKA the Aedra.

As I’m sure most of you have read the Maruhkati were always frustrated with the idea that the eight divines were mostly comprised of the Aedra and therefore contained a more than healthy amount of merish influence, for these nemer at least, to handle. For them there was no way better to not only alleviate themselves of the humiliation of Altmer influence and in the process solidify Cyrodiil’s place among the stars than to follow the Tribunal’s path and Break the Dragon and influence his healing.

R’leyt-harhr, Khajiit, Tender to the Mane:While you were fighting wars with phantoms and giving birth to your own fathers…

As Vivec has described during his trial, when he used the heart he then existed before he was born in the new timeline that was created; he in effect gave birth to himself when he used the heart. Now the humans believe that while they did not descend directly from the et’Ada, they do believe that they were created by them so you could say the Aedra were their fathers. If, as I have put forth here, the Selective did change/become the Aedra when they broke the Dragon they would be giving birth to their own fathers in the new timeline that would be created from the break.

The falling of the eight stars, the stars as you may recall are holes in Oblivion that allow you to see Aetherius, coincide with the number of Aedra and their “falling” signifies a change from their original state, a corruption if you will.

Notice that Where were you… fails to get the Altmer perspective on the event. Obviously no Altmer would want to speak on the corruption of their own pantheon. While other races are missing an explanation the Altmer are the only significant race, as far as this incident is concerned, that was not recorded.

Mannimarco:As for myself, I was here and there and here again, like the rest of the mortals during the Dragon Break. How do you think I learned my mystery? The Maruhkati Selectives showed us all the glories of the Dawn so that we might learn, simply: as above, so below.

Mannimarco’s own account supports this notion as well. Here he is saying that he learned how to make himself a god from learning what the Maruhkati did to become the Aedra.

Mehra Nabisi:Accounts of the Middle Dawn are the province of the Empire of Men, and proof of the deceit that call themselves the Aedra…Do not ask us where we were when the Dragon Broke, for, of all the world, only we truly know, and we might just show you how to break it again

The Middle Dawn is the province of the Empire of Men“, which is to say it was the Cyrodiil who broke the dragon to insure their place among the stars. She also seems to claim, to me anyway, that it was the Dunmer who showed the Selective how to break the Dragon. Or at least the Dunmer know how it should be done correctly.

Corax:According to Hestra, Cyrodiil became an Empire across the stars.

Again showing a newly formed correlation between the Aedra and Cyrodiil.

Vehk and Vehk:The Aedra would have you believe different, but they were givers before liars. Lies have turned them into biters. Their teeth are the proselytizers; to convert is to place oneself in the mouth of falsehood; even to propitiate is to be swallowed.

They gave themselves to the Mundus before they were changed into liars(men). That influence of man has turned them hostile to anyone who does not follow stasis. To believe that the Aedra are stasis is to believe those lies and die with the world.

Qwerty has also suggested that perhaps the eight divines were nothing more than ideas created by the Altmer/Nords. Ideas that were then perpetuated by Alessia when she first created the concept of the Eight Divines., and the act of the Maruhkati breaking the dragon like they did made real “living” gods out of these ideas. This thought had been my initial idea but I for some reason discarded it because of talk of the Break happening because of talk of there existence before the break. But there is nothing that says there existence before wasn’t just as ideas like Qwerty has described, therefore I agree with him that this event did in fact create the Eight Divines.

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