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How the Enantiomorphic Rebel/King relationship reoccurs throughout time

My recent studies into the mysteries of the nature of the Enantiomorph and its many incarnations has led me to a revelation. The Enantiomorph consists of two halves, these halves are often separately given the names the King and the Rebel. What I have come to realize is that the Rebel has a habit, if a fractured mind can have a habit, of being left for dead only to return in the future to exact his revenge on those he rebelled against. Often times this also results in the rebel becoming the new king.

Enantiomorph of the Dawn

“The long and furious battle ended with Anu the victor. He cast aside the body of his brother, who he believed was dead, and attempted to save Creation by forming the remnants of the 12 worlds into one — Nirn, the world of Tamriel. As he was doing so, Padomay struck him through the chest with one last blow. Anu grappled with his brother and pulled them both outside of Time forever.” – A Children’s Annuad

Anu, the king, thought he had killed Padomay, the rebel, but Padomay returned later to exact revenge on his other. He was successful in that it caused Anu to become one with Padomay once more which removed them from time and by association their love(r) Nirn. I do realise the apparent folly in quoting a children’s book yet sometimes when things are simplified they show their true elegance.

The one and one that switched places

While the specific accounts vary the story of Red Mountain is well known among the Dunmeri: “And then the Tribunal went into Red Mountain and met with Dagoth-Ur. Dagoth-Ur saw what had been done, for his skin had changed as well, and he tried to avenge the death of Nerevar but to no avail. He was driven off and thought dead.” – Nerevar at Red Mountain.

I know all too well of the Rebel-Ur and his return for revenge, I still have nightmarish visions of my time in the wastes of Red Mountain . But in his return Dagoth-Ur took up the king seat left open by the murdered Nerevar who in turn took up the rebels seat and exacted his(?) revenge on the King-Ur. Nerever betrayed Dagoth betrayed Nerevar “Hortator and Sharmat, one and one, eleven, an inelegant number. Which of the ones is the more important? Could you ever tell if they switched places?” – Thirty Six Lessons of Vivec: Sermon Eleven

Pelinal is unique in that he represents both halves of the enantiomorph. He came to Nirn as a rebel Padomaic yet in his heart shone the diamond of the kings. Pelinal would often betray himself and his purpose when the madness he shared with Akatosh would overtake him. This madness made him reckless and betrayed him one final time when he was torn apart at the hands of the Ayleid kings.

“…[and they] fell on him [speaking] to their weapons… cutting the Pelinal into eighths while he roared in confusion…” – The Song of Pelinal

He would be redeemed; Even as I sit here in exile in my Velothian tower in the lands of the Telvanni I have heard the stories of the re-assembly of the Pelin-El’s power armor and his return with madless singular purpose.

El-Estia and her mud lover

“at last a spirit who resembled none other than El-Estia, queen of ancienttimes, who bore in her left hand the dragonfire of the aka-tosh and in her right hand the jewels of the covenant and on her breast a wound that spilt void onto her mangled feet.” – Remanada

Allessia appeared to the Knights of Hrol as a ghost with a void heart. She then dies(dissapears) infront of those who killed her(abandoned the ways of the empire) and later returns before King Hrol and his sheildthane.


In this instance the two halves join together to bear the fruit of Allessia’s revenge on the men who quareled amongst themselves instead of making glorious Empire, that is Reman Cyrodiil.

Hjalti the Rogue
“Before Cuhlecain can be crowned, Hjalti secretly murders him and his loyalist contingent. These assassinations are blamed on the enemies of Cuhlecain, which, for political reasons, are still the Western Reach…now it is popularly Talos’ own throat that was cut” – The Arcturian Heresy

Did Hjalti assassinate Cuhlecain to become Emperor? Or did Hjalti assume the role of the rebel only to seek his revenge on Emperor Zero and become king himself, and later much more. (I no longer feel shame for your love of the Emperor my Lord)

Hjalti the King
Hjalti now Tiber Septim holds the king seat as the new Rebel Zurin Arctus takes Hjalti’s old seat. “[Name Obscured],Centuries ago, Tiber Septim ruled the land and forged an empire with great Numidium. The secret of Numidium’s power lies in its heart, carried within the Mantella. It is the heart of Tiber Septim’s battlemage. It is my heart. It is my Mantella. It is my Totem. It belongs to me, and to none other.” – Letter written by the Underking to an Agent of Uriel Septim VII supposedly barely “predating” the Warp in the West.

I have read several reports that state it was the Underking who rose up during the Middle Dawn and destroyed the Numidium exacting his revenge and claiming that which was taken from him by Emperor-King.

Time God/Space God

I have left the story of Akatosh and Lorkhan, I must note it is humorous that we often remember Time by its manish name and Space by its merish name one and one, for last on purpose as it is yet unfulfilled. “Finally Trinimac, Auriel’s greatest knight, knocked Lorkhan down in front of his army and reached in with more than hands to take his Heart. He was undone. The Men dragged Lorkhan’s body away and swore blood vengeance on the heirs of Auriel for all time.” – The Monomyth

King Auri-el of the Aldmer versus the Rebel Shezzar and his outcast followers. Shezzar is brought down and his heart removed by Trinimac yet his body lives on as Jone and Jode. “In short, the Moons were and are the two halves of Lorkhan’s ‘flesh-divinity’.” – The Lunar Lorkhan

The story of the Nerevarine by now is well known; that he slayed Dagoth-Ur, what isn’t as well known is that he also freed Lorkhans heart from the chains that bound it.

Flesh remained, and the heart is free. When will the rebel return to claim the empty throne?

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