TESA Redguard: Search For The Flask of Lillandril

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In the eighth part of the Redguard Storyline, I learned that Iszara had gone to the Necromancer N’Gasta to ask him for help. I decided to go after her, but I needed to find a magical artifact, the Flask of Lillandril, first. If I had it, N’Gasta would pose no threat.

I immediately went to the Draggin Tale and spoke with Dreekius.

Cyrus: I’ve come across the legend of the Flask of Lillandril.

Dreekius: That bug’s got you, too, huh? A lot of people on this island are looking for it –Even the Empire, I hear.

Cyrus: What would they want with it?

Dreekius: The scuttlebutt’s they want it for an invasion of Summerset Isle, to help them dispel its magical defenses. Leastways, be advised that the Flask’s burial ground is well sought by more dubious parties than you.

Cyrus: A lot of people are looking for the Flask. Anybody in particular?

Dreekius: There’s a Breton about town, loud and lit to here, by the name of Crendal. He was in a few weeks back bragging about having a piece of a map–

Cyrus: A map showing where the Flask is buried.

Dreekius: Yeah, but Crendal’s a drunk, so make of it what you like.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Dreekius says a Breton drunk, Crendal, bragged about having a piece of a map to the legendary Flask of Lillandril.

I went to J’Ffer and bought a book with information on the Flask.

Cyrus: How much for Elven Artifacts, Volume 3?

J’Ffer: Ah, the hoary tale of the Flask of Lillandril piques your interest. Legend more than history, but a good read for 40 gold. Will it be yours?

Cyrus: I’ll take it. What do you know of this legendary flask?

J’Ffer: Legends surround it, but J’Ffer is sure the Flask is real. Scribes of ancient Lillandril record its discovery — Yes, the Flask is not of Elven make, despite what you may read. They found it, used it, and lost it, but its creator is unknown.

Cyrus: What makes the Flask so valuable?

J’Ffer: Here we have only legend to guide us. Stories tell of the High Wizard of Valenwood himself defeated by a Stable-Boy armed only with the Flask. Exaggeration, surely, but still a kernel of truth — An anti-magic device of no small power.

Cyrus: It sounds like the Flask may absorb magic.

Cyrus’ Logbook
J’Ffer says that, according to legend, a Stable Boy armed with the Flask of Lillandril defeated the High Wizard of Valenwood. The device may then be a potent anti-magic device, perhaps one which absorbs magic.

J’Ffer: Perhaps. That would explain why no Mage has ever been able to detect its location.

Cyrus’ Description of “Elven Artifacts”
This book on Elven artifacts details the Flask of Lillandril, an ancient flask with the ability to absorb magic. The Flask was supposedly shipwrecked with its founders off the coast of Stros M’Kai sometime during the 1st Era. One of the sections even has some sort of map notations in it. Maybe someone can make a map from them.

Next, I went to Falicia.

Falicia: You’re back! I’m sorry about Jaganvir. He’s crazy. Take a potion for your trouble.

She gave me a health potion.

Cyrus: I tried to free Joto but he didn’t make it.

Falicia: I guess I’m sorry for that, too. I hope he could help you find your sister.

Cyrus: He set me on the right trail. I need to find the Flask of Lillandril. I’ve heard that an ancient artifact, the Flask of Lillandril, was lost on this island long ago. You know the piece I’m talking about?

Falicia: You’re not the first to ask. Everybody seems to think the Mage’s Guild has access to all the land’s magic. Sorry to say the Flask has not turned up for centuries. Lost on this island long ago by the Elven founders of the Flask, who were shipwrecked here. They fled Summerset Isle with the Flask, hoping to buy sanctuary from the Clan Direnni in High Rock, but the seas only brought them this far. Some say there’s a map to it.

Cyrus: What about this map to the Flask?

Falicia: Well, nobody has seen it. The stories say it was torn into four pieces. One of the pieces was even said to have been inscribed on the bottom of a silver box shaped like a ship.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Falicia says she heard that the map to the Flask of Lillandril was torn into four pieces. She says one piece was inscribed on the bottom of a silver box shaped like a ship.

I then spoke with Maiko.

Cyrus: Hello, Maiko.

Maiko: Hello, Cyrus. Something I can do for you?

Cyrus: Have you ever heard of the Flask of Lillandril?

Maiko: Hunding’s bones, of course I have! Treasure Hunters come here from all over Tamriel, digging and poking around interminably. Well, they say there’s a treasure map floating around somewhere, but I don’t believe it.

Cyrus: Why not?

Maiko: If there were a real map, why hasn’t someone found the Flask by now? Such a waste of time and effort, lusting after a mythical Elven flask, when the island is full of real mysteries.

Cyrus: What do you mean?

Maiko: Well, the Caverns, for instance. Haven’t heard of them, have you? Or the Dwarven Ruins either. But they’re real, young sir, and as full of mystery and adventure as you could ask.

Cyrus: Where can I find these Caverns you speak of?

Maiko: That’s the question, isn’t it? Won’t find them on your cheap commercial map, will you? That’s a real mystery for you to ponder.

Cyrus: Tell me more of these Dwarven Ruins.

Maiko: A bit more famous than the Caverns, but if it’s not about Elves, no one cares. One of the great mysteries of the ages, the disappearance of the Dwarves, but instead it’s Flask of Lillandril this, Flask of Lillandril that.

Cyrus: I don’t know much about Dwarves. I always thought they were mythical creatures.

Maiko: See what I mean? Not myths! Real, as real as stone and metal. Who do you think built those Ruins? All gone, thousands of years ago, and no one knows why. But that’s a whole nother story. What were we talking about again?

Cyrus showed him the notations in the Elven Artifacts book.

Cyrus: I wonder if you can make anything of this. These look like map notations to me.

Maiko: Let me see… Oh, bloody hell. This again. J’Ferr must have sold this annotated copy of Elven Artifacts ten times. And they always end up here — Can you make me a map? they say. Why is everyone so mad over lost Elven treasure? I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I’m too busy today.

Cyrus: I’m willing to pay for the map. Handsomely. Just name your price.

Maiko: Persistent, eh? Listen, if you’ll give me the book, I’ll make it for you. One last time, free of charge. At least then I won’t ever have to see it again.

Cyrus: I’d rather hang on to the book. Can I just pay you to make the map?

Maiko: You’re not listening, are you? Elves, Elves, Elves! Is that all you can think of? What do you know about the Flask of Lillandril? Did the Elven ship really wreck on Stros M’Kai? If it doesn’t have to do with Elves, no one’s interested. Well, I for one am sick of Elves and their oh-so-mysterious ways. Bah! Don’t get me started.

Cyrus: You say the Flask arrived on Stros M’Kai in an Elven ship?

Maiko: What did I just say? Out! Get out!! Stop asking me about the damn Elves!

I returned a short while later and this time agreed to give him the book.

Cyrus: Sounds good. When will the map be ready?

Maiko: Come back in a little while. I’ll see what I can make of it.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Maiko agreed to make a detailed map using the map notations from the book “Elven Artifacts”… But in return Maiko gets to keep the book. Maiko says to come back in a while for the map.

I then went to Gerrick to buy supplies. While I was there, I asked him about the Flask.

Cyrus: I’ve heard tell of a magical flask hidden somewhere on the island. Do you know anything about it?

Gerrick: The Flask of Lillandril, far-famed in song and legend! From my own homeland of Summerset Isle, you know. And you must have heard of the mysterious map–

Orsone: Always a map!>>Squawk>>!

Cyrus: You know of a map to the flask?

Gerrick: Oh yes! According to legend, the ship carrying the Flask and its owners was shipwrecked on Stros M’Kai. That was all back thousands of years ago, before the Redguards ever came to Hammerfell, you understand. Perhaps a survivor hid the Flask and made a map — Who knows? Trithik could tell you more, though.

Cyrus: Trithik, huh?

Gerrick: He used to be quite the Flask hound. Why, I must have sold him six shovels over the years!

Cyrus: I haven’t been to Summerset Isle in years. Beautiful place, as I recall.

Gerrick: I should ask you for news then, Redguard. I last saw the eternal isle in my youth, long before you were born.

Orsone: >>>Squaw ha ha ha<<!

Gerrick: I’m older than I look! Beautiful, yes, but static and snobbish. A Shopkeeper like me is lower than dirt back home. Here, I’m a respected pillar of the community!

I followed Gerrick’s advice and spoke with Trithik.

Trithik: Lad…?

Cyrus: Hello again, Trithik.

Trithik: Still alive.

Cyrus: Lakene said your boat was damaged by vandals?

Trithik: By the looks of it. Woke up one morning and the mid board was broken. Hope he gets to it soon.

Cyrus: I have heard tales of a magical flask buried somewhere on Stros M’Kai.

Trithik: The legend older than the Redguad. Many have looked and failed, but who can resist the lure of lost treasure? In my youth, I, too, searched for the Flask. Luckier than most, for I once possesed a piece of the truth.

Cyrus: The Flask is in pieces?

Trithik: No, my boy, a piece of a map, purported to show its location. I say a piece of the truth, but that is only an old man talking, for the map may lead to nothing, even if it was entire.

Cyrus: Perhaps, but it sounds like a worthy challenge. Do you still have the map?

Trithik: No. Since my house in the Old Quarter was destroyed, I’ve stayed in my boat. I risked my life to save that map, and was justly rewarded for my unworthy obsession when it was stolen a few weeks ago. I’m glad it’s gone.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Trithik says he used to have a piece of a map to the Flask of Lillandril, but that it was stolen several weeks ago.

Cyrus: Why unworthy? A map to a priceless magical artifact seems like a worthy prize.

Trithik: And so the Redguards have fallen. The elders teach the young and who can blame them for learning? The true Redguard risks his life for honor, pride and spirit.

Cyrus: Ideology doesn’t mark the spot, old man.

Trithik: As much as a lost map it does, Mercenary. I saw but fit to warn you against searching for the Flask’s wealth for its own sake. The world is bigger than your gold pouch.

Cyrus: Yeah, yeah. “A sword sold is a sword sullied against true cause.” Nevermind why I want the Flask, Trithik.

Having spoken with Trithik, I decided to talk to Mariah.

Cyrus: Mariah, do you know anything about the Flask of Lillandril?

Mariah: Only the tales. Lost on the island by Elves long ago. A Treasure Hunter’s dream.

I then decided to talk to Crendal.

Crendal: She floats through my dreams, with the greatest of ease… The fat, one-eyed lady with sweet-smelling knees…

Cyrus: Slow down, Crendal.

Crendal: Oh no. It’s question boy.

Cyrus: Ever heard of the Flask of Lillandril? You look like a Treasure Hunter.

Crendal: Ah, the Flask of Lillandril! Everything good in life comes in a decanter.

Cyrus: Dreekius tells me you’ve found yourself part of the Flask of Lillandril map.

Crendal: Oh, he did, did he? Uuhhh… Well… Uh… He’s lying! Yup, that Liz-Lizard’s lying!

Cyrus: Of course, he’s lying. You’re not bright enough to have gotten a piece of the map.

Crendal: What? Hehe, I’m brighter than you, Redguard! I do have a piece of the map. Hahahaha! How’s that? You didn’t think I (hick) did, did you?

Cyrus’ Logbook
Crendal says he has a piece of the map to the Flask of Lillandril.

Cyrus: That’s impressive, Crendal. How could I have doubted you? tell me… How’d you get it?

Crendal: Shh. (Hick). You’ll like this, question boy. I passed out one night on old Trithik’s boat, while he was sleeping. Woke up early, look-looking for a drink… And what do I find under his cot…? A piece of the map! Haaa. Uhh. Shhh. He probably doesn’t even know it’s gone.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Crendal says he got a piece of a map to the Flask of Lillandril by stealing it. He says he found it under a cot on Trithik’s boat.

Cyrus: I’ll gladly take that map piece off your hands if you’re not using it. Perhaps a trade?

Crendal: Pah! You have nothing I want, Redguard! Plus I don’t even have it on me, I’ve hidden it away where them sissies can’t find it.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Crendal says he has hidden his piece of the map to the Flask of Lillandril where others can’t find it.

I decided to tell Trithik that Crendal had stolen his map.

Cyrus: A fellow named Crendal was bragging about a map he stole from you. Was he lying?

Trithik: Crendal, eh? Belly-crawling son of a Forebear’s cur! It was part of a map supposedly showing the location of the Flask of Lillandril. In my youth I was something of a Treasure-Hunter.

Cyrus: Do you remember what was on the treasure map?

Trithik: Two numbers, an X, and the notation “long tree”. That’s all I can remember. If you find it, keep it. I’m too old for such things.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Trithik can only remember that his piece of the map to the Flask of Lillandril bore two numbers, an “X”, and the notation “long tree”.

Redguard Manual

The Pace As A Unit of Distance Measure

Every right-thinking Redguard knows that a “pace” is a single step, or a half-stride. Or, in other words, “Left-right-left-right” is FOUR paces, not two. Only running-dog lackeys of the warmongering Imperials accept the Imperial usage of “great pace” as the distance between the places at which the same jack-booted heel of an Imperial Guard man rests on the ground when marching (approximately one-and-a-half meters)

Cyrus: Maybe I can get Crendal to find it for me. Thanks for your help, Trithik.

I went to Crendal, to trick him into showing me where the map was.

Cyrus: I- I have some info that may concern you Crendal. I heard some boys talking that they had found your hidden map piece.

Crendal: That’s impossible. Pah. Hick! They just talking, jealous of Crendal they are. They couldn’t know where it is!

Cyrus: I’m not so sure of that. I overheard them say it had two numbers on it, an X, and long tree. Didn’t mean much to me, but I’d check your hiding spot if I were you.

Crendal: What!? What!? I mean… What? Heh. Ummmm. Damn them. Uhh. Another lie. Now go away Cyrus.

I took some distance from Crendal, to make him think that I had gone away. He went to his hiding spot, in the Park, and I followed him from a distance. He checked it, realized that the map was still there, and went back to the Plaza. I went to the spot where the map was buried and used a shovel to dig out the pouch containing it. Now I had three of the four maps required.

I decided to go to Krisandra, the Silversmith, and talk to her. It was possible that she knew something about the silver box shaped like a ship.

Krisandra: Looking for something?

Cyrus: Krisandra, hello.

Krisandra: Cyrus. What do you need?

Cyrus: I’m told of a legendary magical flask, supposed to be buried somewhere on the island.

Krisandra: Sounds fascinating. I love stories of buried treasure.

Cyrus: Perhaps you’ve seen a silver box shaped like a ship? It has something on it I’m looking for.

Krisandra: No, sorry, nothing like that in my shop.

I left her shop and decided to go into her house. There, I was attacked by two Guards, who I had to kill. Around there was broken furniture. I examined an open chest.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Had to kill two Imperial Soldiers who had broken into the house next to the Silversmith.

Cyrus: It’s empty. Somebody’s really been through this place.

I left the dwelling and returned to the shop.

Krisandra: Oh… Hello.

Cyrus: I’ve killed several Imperial Sodliers who had broken into your house. I hope that won’t cause you any trouble with the Governor.

Krisandra: Hmph! The Governor should hope I don’t cause him any trouble over this. What possible reason could his Soldiers have for breaking into my house? A loyal Forebear, of all people, one of his few potential allies in the city! Not a good sign for the Empire’s future here in Hammerfell.

Cyrus: I think I know why those Soldiers were searching your house. The Governor may think you have part of a map showing the location of the Flask of Lillandril.

Krisandra: Why would he think that? I’d never even heard of this flask before I came here.

Cyrus: I’ve learned that one piece of the map is engraved on a silver ship. Sound familiar?

Krisandra: No… But I inherited a load of junk when I bought this shop. I put it all in my storeroom, next to my house, but I haven’t had time to look through it. Here, take the key. If you find this ship, keep it. It’s only bringing me trouble.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Krisandra gave me a key and invited me to search her storehouse for a silver ship inscribed with a piece of the map to the Flask of Lillandril. If I find it, she says to keep it.

I went into Krisandra’s storeroom, where I found crates, barrels and two chests. One of the chests was empty, while the other one, the one hidden behind the crates, contained the ship that I and the Guards had been looking for. On the bottom of the ship was the remaining part of the map.

Now that I had all the map, I went to Maiko to get the map that I asked him to make.

Maiko: Yes?

Cyrus: Maiko, is my map ready yet?

Maiko: Yes, here it is. Whoever made these notes was obviously a trained Cartographer, probably of Mandri’s school, judging from the transverse error correction measurements. May this map serve you well, young sir.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Maiko gave me a map associated with the Flask of Lillandril based on the notations from the book “Elven Artifacts”.

I looked at the two maps and noticed that both had “start” and “Long Tree” in them. However, the map Maiko made also had “Leki” under “start”. I remembered that Leki was a Redguard saint, so I went to J’Ffer and bought the book Redguards: Their Heroes And History, which contained a picture of her.

Cyrus: How much for Redguards: Their Heroes And History?

J’Ffer: Your taste runs to the patriotic. A tale to stir the blood and fire the soul of any true Redguard, although our esteemed Governor might not agree. J’Ffer asks but 20 gold.

Cyrus: I’ll take it.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Redguards: Their Heroes And History. It talks of Redguard origins and their great heroes, including Hunding, who, with his 5 magical swords drove the Goblins from Hammerfell, and Leki, the saint of the Spirit Sword.

Now that I had everything I needed to find the Flask, I looked at the map made by Maiko to figure out where the start point was. The only southern shore that looked like that was the one near Saintsport, so I went there.

Once in Saintsport, I looked around and realized that the pavilion there had a picture of Leki on its ceiling. That was the start point.

I then looked at the four map pieces. Here’s an image of the map pieces put together. The one on the upper left was Joto’s piece, the one on the upper right was Trithik’s, and the one on the lower left was Iszara’s.

I walked as many paces as indicated on the map pieces (63 to the west, 16 to the south) and used a shovel in that spot to dig out the chest containing the Flask. I opened the chest and took the artifact.

Cyrus’ Logbook
It’s the mythical Flask of Lillandril, which absorbs magic. My only hope of rescuing Iszara from N’Gasta.

Next, I would return to the Isle of N’Gasta and confront the Necromancer.

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