TESA Redguard: Facing The Necromancer

Released In:

In the ninth part of the Redguard Storyline, I found the Flask of Lillandril, which I needed if I wanted to face N'Gasta and have any chance of defeating him.

I went back to the Isle of N'Gasta and approached the gate in front of the tower. Suddenly, I heard N'Gasta's voice - He must have spoken using telepathy, since he was not nearby.

N'Gasta: Come, Cyrus. This one has what you seek.

The gates were opened. I went inside the tower, where I encountered two Vermai, who I fought and eventually sent back to Oblivion. I then looked around the chamber. In the middle of the room was a pit with purple liquid; the entrance to a chamber with a cauldron, shelves, two health potions, a gem and a vial was on one side of the room, while the entrance to another chamber, with a table on which there were bones, was on the other side. Also on the left there were stairs leading up to a walkway, but the lower part of the walkway had collapsed. I entered the room with the table and examined the table.

Cyrus: Must be where N'Gasta prepares the bodies.

I then went to the other room and examined the cauldron.

Cyrus: It's filled with some sort of elixir.

I examined the shelves.

Cyrus: Text and trinkets for a Necromancer. I have no use for this stuff.

I then took the health potions and the vial. I filled the latter with the golden elixir from the cauldron. I poured the elixir into the pit and an unharmful explosion of sorts occured that send me to the upper part of the walkway. I went up to the ritual chamber, where I found Iszara standing still. A cutscene began, in which Cyrus went to Iszara.

Cyrus: Iszara? What's wrong? Iszara?! What's happened to you? Snap out of it! Iszara!

Iszara: Mmmmnnnnnn...

N'Gasta teleported himself into the chamber.

N'Gasta: Ha-ha-hah!

Cyrus turned towards him.

Cyrus: What have you done to her, N'Gasta?!

N'Gasta: Iszara is just another entry in the ledger of lost souls, master Cyrus! She belongs to great Lord Vile now!

Cyrus: What have you done to her?!?

N'Gasta: She pledged her soul to this one, in return for services, and, since she had no immediate use, this one gifted her to Lord Vile.

Cyrus: What pledge? What service?

N'Gasta: Iszara came thither three months ago, pleading this one to help her free Prince A'Tor from the soulgem. The dim child had even brought the soulgem with her. This one told her the deed might be accomplished, but, knowing the eagerness of a client, this one was quite candid about the high price of such services. In return for her soul, this one agreed to free her beloved Prince A'Tor. Perhaps you will count my fee too dear, but cannot the client best judge the true value of a service?

Cyrus: Worm. If you will restore her to me now, I give you my word... I will not allow myself to bring you harm.

N'Gasta: That is quite impossible, of course. Her soul is long since delivered to Clavicus Vile, patron Daedra Lord, within whose distant realm your sister's soul now resides. This one admits to have been dilatory in his part of the bargain, for the Prince's lifeforce rests still within the soulgem -- The very soulgem that adorns the amulet that you delivered to Lord Richton. Ah, well... This one has ages ahead to fulfill the bargain. And it seems petty to deny Lord Richton the pleasure of wearing his defeated enemy's soul like a trinket. Don't you think?

Cyrus' Logbook
N'Gasta has taken Iszara's soul from her body and gifted it to his patron, Daedra Lord Clavicus Vile. Iszara came to N'Gasta to barter her soul for N'Gasta's aid in restoring the soul of Prince A'Tor from the soulgem to his preserved body. N'Gasta agreed to the bargain, then treacherously stole both the soulgem and Iszara's soul. The amulet N'Gasta paid to have delivered to Richton held the soulgem containing A'Tor's soul. To restore Iszara, her soul must be recovered from Clavicus Vile.

Cyrus: Worm, restore her now.

N'Gasta: Or...?

Cyrus: I will kill you, more quickly than you deserve, and just talk to Vile myself.

N'Gasta: Now, now. Let your sister serve as a walking, talking cautionary tale, Cyrus. Would you repeat her mistakes by trifling with this one? And, you propose to browbeat my Lord Vile into relinquishing your sister's soul? Surely consider this--

Cyrus: Vile is my business now. You have other things to worry about.

N'Gasta: Ha-ha-hah! Really...? What might conceivably trouble this one?

Cyrus: The question is: does your soul get caught in your own soulsnare after you die, or does it just get to go straight to Hell? Let me help you find out.

I fought N'Gasta. My sword couldn't harm him, so I used the Flask to reflect the offensive magical projectiles cast by him back at him. I did this until I managed to disintegrate him. I once again tried to talk to Iszara but nothing happened, so I decided to look around the room. I found several alchemical ingredients in the room: Orc's blood, Ectoplasm, Spider's Milk, Hist Sap, Saint's hair, a Spriggan's ear, a piece of Amber, a Salamander, a Daedra heart, a Unicorn's horn, Lich dust and a Pig's sac. I examined the Spriggan's ear.

Cyrus' Logbook
Used the Flask of Lillandril to defeat the Necromancer N'Gasta.

Cyrus: This piece of wood looks to be a Spriggan's ear. Strange to see one of these this far from the mainland.

I then examined the Daedra heart.

Cyrus: A Daedra's heart. These hold great value to Spellcasters.

I also examined the Lich dust.

Cyrus: This canister looks to contain Lich dust. Very rare.

There was a lecturn in the room with a book. By reading the page that it was open at, I realized that, in order to make a gate to Oblivion appear, I had to mix Orc's blood with Amber (jacinth - rising sun), mix the Unicorn's horn with Hist Sap (snow - grass), mix the Daedra's heart with Ectoplasm (night - mid-day sky) and then pour the mixtures on the symbol in the center of the room, in that order. I did so, and a gate appeared. I went through the gate and was taken to Clavicus Vile's realm.

Cyrus' Logbook
Mixed potions. Poured the potions onto the magical sigil on the floor of N'Gasta's tower room to open a gate to the realm of Daedra Lord Clavicus Vile.

I found myself on a lush island in an endless void. There were several trees on this small island, a river, a bridge (over the river) and a cottage. Next to the cottage were Clavicus Vile and a Dog. I looked around.

Clavicus Vile: Feel free to look around, Cyrus. No hurry. Take your time.

I looked around some more.

Clavicus Vile: Let me know if you find something interesting, Cyrus.

And some more.

Clavicus Vile: Don't bother poking about, Cyrus. We're not on a treasure hunt here.

And some more.

Clavicus Vile: Disappointed? Haven't found any souls left lying about?

And a bit more.

Clavicus Vile: Oh. Yoo-hoo. Over here. I'm over here, Cyrus.

Since there was apparently no way off the island, and I since hadn't found anything interesting while looking around, I went to Vile and spoke with him.

Clavicus Vile: Well, well. I'm so glad you could come...

The Dog sometimes changed into other creatures while I was talking to Vile.

Cyrus: Hand over her soul, Clavicus, or I'll retire you from the pantheon.

Clavicus Vile: Oh! Oh! Don't hurt me, pleeeeeze! Wait! Did you think the Flask would protect you? Oh, that is excellent! Listen, bold hero Cyrus. N'Gasta was much more fun. He was very smart, and very scared of me. But your failing, fearless hero, is that you have no... Imagination. For example, have you any idea what I am doing with your sister's soul... Right... Now?

Cyrus: Whatever you're doing, stop it right now.

Clavicus Vile: Or what, Cyrus? What do you plan to do to me? You can't hurt me, or anything here. Nothing happens here, unless I let it happen.

Cyrus: Vile. I'm not here to chat. I'm here for my sister. And you're going to give her to me, or I'm going to tear you to pieces.

Clavicus Vile: You must be a bit thick. Take a little walk and think things over. Come back when you're ready to talk sense.

After a short pause, I spoke with him again.

Cyrus: Clavicus Vile... Give me my sister's soul.

Clavicus Vile: Don't be so boooring, Cyrus. I deserve some fun. You've spoiled my N'Gasta. Now show me some fun.

Cyrus: So this is what the Daedra Lords do in their free time. Trade souls, destroy lives, and loaf in the sun...

Clavicus Vile: You poor, poor thing. All our time is free time. It's eternity, man. Don't you think that gets a bit tedious? Mostly it's the same thing, over and over, so boring. But you... Well, you kill your sister's husband, then let her lose her soul, then... ...You come here and threaten to beat up the big nasty Daedra Lord to get her back... Well... It's stupid and silly... But... It's not... Boring.

Cyrus: Nice Dog.

Clavicus Vile: He's not a Dog, of course. On sunny days, he likes being a Dog. Or lots of other things. When he's like this, I think he's somewhere else. It's all quite significant, of course... But who knows what it means.

The Dog's head changed into Cyrus' head and back.

Clavicus Vile: Hmmmmmm. Interesting. I think he likes you, Cyrus.

Cyrus: What do you want? Why are you doing this? Just for the fun of it?

Clavicus Vile: A follower of my brother, Hermaeus Mora, once said: "the ultimate purpose of the Daedra Lords is to instruct and improve the generally deplorable character of mortals." Lovely sentiment. But, in fact, I watch mortals, and meddle now and then, purely for entertainment. N'Gasta, in his time, has been a character of remarkable charm and complexity. But now you have eclipsed N'Gasta... And I have high hopes for you. For example. You come all this way to rescue your sister's soul. Why? Yearning for a lost childhood? Pricks of conscience for abandoning your sister? A murderer's guilt?

Cyrus: I feel no guilt for killing Iszara's husband, Vile. But running from the consequences... I'm not proud of that, and I'm not leaving her this time.

Clavicus Vile: Yes. That incident is hard to explain, I agree. Poking that scoundrel through the chest, then taking off like a spooked bunny.

Cyrus: Yes, I left. But Iszara could always take care of herself. I just ran... I... I was young.

Clavicus Vile: She's not taking care of herself now, is she? Haa. And did you judge she could take care of herself when you presumed to poke a knife through her husband's chest?

Cyrus: Vile. I don't care whether you're bored or lonely. This talk isn't getting us anywhere. Just tell me... What do you want?

Clavicus Vile: I'm really sorry to lose N'Gasta. He always had presents for me.

Cyrus: You like presents, eh?

Clavicus Vile: Got to have presents. No presents, no fun. Sure wish I had a nice present. Hint, hint!

Cyrus: No presents for you, sonny. I want my sister's soul, and I'm taking it.

Clavicus Vile: You're bluffing, bold, boring Cyrus. You can't take anything from me, and you know it. Either I give it to you, or you don't get it. Simple? And I don't give gifts when I'm bored.

Cyrus: I'll give my blood for my sister's soul.

Clavicus Vile: Hmm. Blood is nice... But your blood is not worth a soul, Cyrus.

Cyrus: I'll give you a fortune in gold.

Clavicus Vile: You haven't got a fortune in gold, Cyrus, and gold is just metal. Not interested.

Cyrus: I'll give you this priceless flask for my sister's soul.

Clavicus Vile: Oh, Cyrus. A present? For me? You shouldn't have...! But thank you. It's a unique addition to my justly-famed collection of enchanted artifacts.

Cyrus took out the Flask of Lillandril.

Cyrus: All right. You've got the flask. Give me my sister.

Clavicus Vile: Cyrus. I didn't offer to make a trade. You gave me a present. I'm happy with my present, feeling generous. So... Let's speak in earnest of your sister's soul.

Cyrus: For the last time, Vile... What... Do... You... Want?

Clavicus Vile: Don't spoil the fun, Cyrus! You're supposed to figure it out! But here's a hint. I've got what you want! So...?

Cyrus: I do have something to trade... My soul.

Clavicus Vile: Cyrus. I appreciate your making this grand gesture here. I admit I prize your sister's soul... Quite a bit. But your soul is an unproven commodity... Valuable, yes... But not an even swap. And I was thinking of sport... Not commerce.

Cyrus: You're bored, Vile? Then let's play a game for my sister's soul... And to cover the wager, I'll offer my soul.

Clavicus Vile: Hmm. Very noble, Cyrus... But do you know anything about the worth of a soul? For example, all the fun I'm having with your sister's soul... Right... Now... I'd hate to give that up.

Cyrus: Your name is well-chosen, Vile. But I know the worth of my soul, and I'm ready to wager it against my sister's soul.

Clavicus Vile: Are you sure? You know, that thing I'm doing with your sister's soul... Right... Now... I would love to do that little thing with your soul, too...

Cyrus: You can't scare me, little man. I said I'd bet my soul, and my word is my bond.

Clavicus Vile: Pity. Even a dumb animal can understand fear, but you... Cyrus... Sad. However... A poor game is better than none. Let's play, then, for your sister's soul.

Cyrus: Fine, Vile. I am scared... Of losing my own soul, and my sister's soul... But I haven't much choice, have I? Let's get it over with.

Clavicus Vile: Excellent! I was right! Not all heroes are witless cretins! I am most pleased to accept your soul as stakes in a game for your sister's soul. But before we start, there's a couple things we need to get straight. Your soul's not worth a penny unless you know its value. N'Gasta knew a soul's value, but you do not. So I have to explain it to you. First: you think you lose, you die, and that's the end. It's not. You lose, you live, and your soul is mine. Just like your sister. And it goes on for a very long time. Understand?

Cyrus: I understand, Vile. Let's just get on with it.

Clavicus Vile: And last: when your soul is mine, your will may defy me, but you do what I want. You're here of your free will, so let me demonstrate... I'd like you to apologize for being so rude, and to humbly beg my forgiveness.

Cyrus: Ulll... Lord... *Vile*! I... *Apologize* for being so rude, and I...

Clavicus Vile: Come, on, Cyrus. Don't fight it.

Cyrus: ...Humbly beg your forgiveness.

Clavicus Vile: Think nothing of it, Cyrus. Hee-hee. That was excellent. Now won't it be fun if you lose your soul? Practice makes perfect, and you'll have plenty of time to practice. And now that I have your complete attention... You're ready for your test. But, before we start... Cyrus, did you have a classical education?

Cyrus: You're talking to yourself, Vile. I'm ready. Let's go.

Clavicus Vile: Gooood. Gooood. Just checking. Just that a thinking man, a well-educated man might have an unfair advantage in this test. But no! You're a hero... A man of action, right? So you probably won't recognize this old chestnut, taken straight from Paulus's "The Stars on their Shoulders". Ready? Listen carefully! I won't repeat it! Two doors. One leads to the loss of your soul, the other leads to the return of Iszara's.

Two archways came out from the ground.

Clavicus Vile: Two Guardians. One always lies, one always tells the truth.

Two Guardians appeared, one next to the archway on the left, the other next to the archway on the right.

Clavicus Vile: You can ask one of them just one question. Just one. The game begins... Choose wisely... Hee hee!

I looked around and then tried talking to Vile again.

Clavicus Vile: One lies and one tells the truth! One takes the Cyrus soul; the other gives the sister soul. Don't spend your question on me, Cyrus! Take your time. Hee-hee-hee. We're not going anywhere.

I have decided to include all the questions that you can ask, and their answers, for the sake of completeness. The correct question is the last one I asked.

I spoke with the Guardian on the left first.

Cyrus: Which door is correct?

The Left Guardian: The right door.

Cyrus: Which door is not correct?

The Left Guardian: The left door.

Cyrus: Which Guard is lying?

The Left Guardian: He is.

Cyrus: Are you the Guard who lies?

The Left Guardian: No.

Cyrus: Is he the Guard who lies?

The Left Guardian: Yes.

Cyrus: Is Clavicus Vile lying?

The Left Guardian: No.

Cyrus: Which door would Vile say is correct?

The Left Guardian: He wouldn't choose.

Cyrus: Which door would the Dog say is correct?

The Left Guardian: He wouldn't choose.

Cyrus: Do both doors lead to death?

The Left Guardian: No.

Cyrus: What is behind this door?

The Left Guardian: The loss of your soul.

Cyrus: What is behind the other door?

The Left Guardian: The return of Iszara's soul.

Cyrus: Which door would the other one say is correct?

The Left Guardian: The left door.

Next, I spoke with the other Guardian.

Cyrus: Which door is correct?

The Right Guardian: The left door.

Cyrus: Which door is not correct?

The Right Guardian: The right door.

Cyrus: Which Guard is lying?

The Right Guardian: He is.

Cyrus: Are you the Guard who lies?

The Right Guardian: No.

Cyrus: Is he the Guard who lies?

The Right Guardian: Yes.

Cyrus: Is Clavicus Vile lying?

The Right Guardian: Yes.

Cyrus: Which door would Vile say is correct?

The Right Guardian: He would choose both.

Cyrus: Which door would the Dog say is correct?

The Right Guardian: He would choose both.

Cyrus: Do both doors lead to death?

The Right Guardian: Yes.

Cyrus: What is behind this door?

The Right Guardian: The loss of your soul.

Cyrus: What is behind the other door?

The Right Guardian: The return of Iszara's soul.

Cyrus: Which door would the other one say is correct?

The Right Guardian: The left door.

I solved the riddle and went through the right door (pun intended). For a complete explanation of the riddle, look here.

Clavicus Vile: Hmm. Not such a blockhead after all. But I don't think you've seen the last of me, Cyrus. I've got my eye on you... ...And playing games with Clavicus Vile, Cyrus, is just like breathing... ...Once you get in the habit, it's kind of hard to stop. Hahaha. Be lucky, Cyrus... Until we meet again.

Cyrus' Logbook
Confronted Clavicus Vile and wagered my soul against Iszara's soul in a riddle contest with Vile. Won the riddle contest, and returned to the Necromancer's Tower with Iszara's soul.

A movie started then. After the exterior of N'Gasta's tower was shown, Cyrus was shown exiting a portal and approaching Iszara while holding a flask containing Iszara's soul. When he was close to Iszara, he released the soul, which entered Iszara's body. Iszara opened her eyes.

Iszara: Where am I?

Cyrus: You are safe, Iszara.

Iszara: Is it you?

Cyrus: I'm afraid so.

Iszara: Where is N'Gasta? Is he dead? Where is the soulgem?

Cyrus: Iszara, I...

Iszara: I... I have to get back to the League.

Iszara ran out of the chamber.

Cyrus: But...

Iszara: What have I done?

Cyrus: Iszara!

Cyrus ran after her. She ran down the walkway connecting the top of N'Gasta's tower to the bottom. Eventually, she stopped and looked behind her, where she saw Cyrus.

Iszara: Are you coming or not?

Next, the Saintsport Lighthouse was shown. Cyrus and Iszara used the signal to get a ship to take them to the Restless League hideout. On the ship, Yaeli talked to Cyrus.

Yaeli: Caught up already, have you?

Cyrus: Shut up.

Cyrus went to Iszara.

Cyrus: Iszara...

Iszara: Do you plan to stay this time?

Cyrus: Yes.

Iszara: Because you could run again.

Cyrus: Yes.

Iszara: It wasn't your war then.

Cyrus: No.

Iszara: And it's not your war now.

Cyrus: No.

Iszara: And if you expect anything more than that right now, you can go to hell.

The interior of a Restless League hideout shack was then shown. A Restless League meeting was taking place there.

Basil: That's just great, Iszara.

Iszara: Don't give me that. Even if we still had the soulgem we'd be in the same place. You'd still be hiding in this cave and Richton still be in our Prince's Palace.

Basil: There's a difference between hiding from the Empire and biding our time.

Iszara: We're losing time.

Basil: You lost the soulgem! What now, girl?

Cyrus: I know where it is.

Basil: Yeah, huh?

Cyrus: Richton has the soulgem.

Basil: You've seen him with it?

Cyrus: I gave it to him.

The expressions on the faces of the Restless League members around changed.

Iszara: How could...

Cyrus turned towards Iszara.

Cyrus: I didn't know what it was. The Necromancer had it fashioned into an amulet, a gift for the Governor. He needed someone to deliver it. I did, thinking I could somehow get to you.

Basil looked towards Vander.

Basil: My heart just broke. Yours, too?

Vander: A million pieces.

Cyrus turned towards Basil.

Cyrus: We'll just have to get it back.

Basil: We'll be killed as soon as we step onto the shore.

Iszara: Cyrus is right.

Cyrus: What's the point of being condemned as rebels in arms if we never take up those arms against the Empire?

Basil: We?

Cyrus: I tell you, Basil, and hear me well. Whether you like it or not, I'm in this now, until the end.

Basil: I'm not sending my men to Stros M'Kai, soulgem lost or no. Hammerfell needs us alive.

Cyrus: What good are you, Basil, if you do nothing? Are you afraid of shedding a little blood?

Iszara: Here it comes.

Basil, who had until then been sitting at the table, stood up.

Basil: You speak grandly of spending blood that is not your own, Cyrus. As for the League, we do what we can, even in hiding. We're pirates, man, the purest form of sedition- To thieve, snare, slit the throat unbeheld- The ever-resident thorns, keeping all sides at guard, alleviating every inertia with our own. Our raids force the Emperor to garrison Stros M'Kai, and tie up ships and men here. And our piracy hits Richton where it counts... In his gold purse. If he doesn't squeeze this province for the profits the Emperor demands, his head will roll.

Cyrus: Don't forget the Dragon, Basil. Because that's the thing you really fear, isn't it? The Battle of Stros M'Kai hung in the balance until the Governor called in his Dragon, right?

Basil sat down.

Basil: Well, there's that, too.

Cyrus: I'll take care of the Dragon.

Basil: Big man.

Vander: Can I feel your muscle?

Iszara: Richton probably has the Dragon guarding the soulgem in the Palace Treasure Vaults.

Cyrus turned towards Iszara.

Cyrus: Where are they?

Iszara: You can enter them through the Catacombs, but you need the key.

Iszara gave Cyrus a key.

Cyrus: Where'd you get this?

Basil: The Prince and your sister were good friends, Cyrus. The Treasure Vaults were to be her jewelry chambers.

Cyrus: I've had enough of your chatter, Basil! I'm going to find the gem and then I'll find somebody who'll bring the Prince back! When that's done, should I tell him to expect your aid or not?

Basil: I expect you'll have just as much success as your sister had, Cyrus. You can hardly do any worse.

Iszara: I'll go with you.

Cyrus turned towards Iszara.

Cyrus: You're too weak, still. Look, I've done well enough to this point. I can finish this. For you.

Iszara: For Hammerfell.

Cyrus: Fine. For Hammerfell.

Cyrus turned towards Basil.

Cyrus: When I have the soulgem and somebody that can break its magic-

Cyrus turned towards Iszara again.

Cyrus: What should I do?

Iszara: Send us the signal and we'll meet at the Temple. Brother Nidal has A'Tor's body hidden there.

Basil: Redguard.

Cyrus turned towards Basil.

Basil: When you have the Prince, you have his men.

Iszara and Cyrus were shown going back to Saintsport.

Iszara: I should help you.

Cyrus: You're too well known on the island. The Imperials --

Iszara: I could handle them.

Cyrus: And you will. After the temple. I won't fail you. Not like last time.

Iszara: Look. Let's get this straight. You murdered my husband, and ran away. On one day you robbed me of the two people I loved and trusted most in all the world. Hakan was not much of a husband, but you were not, and are not, fit to judge him. Nor am I fit to judge you. You're guilty of gods-know how many crimes and cruelties, not the least of all what you've done to your own flesh and blood. But... Whatever harm you've done to me, I forgive you. You are my blood, and younger brother, and I can do no less. But if you trifle with the affairs of the League, and with the fate of Hammerfell and her people, then run away like you did last time, I will find you. You are a charming, vain, self-absorbed child, never thinking of anyone but yourself and your own profit... But if you take up this thing, you will see it through to the end... Or I will kill you.

Cyrus: I am going to find that soulgem. And I will get your Prince back. Iszara. I know what you think of me. I'm not proud of what I've been. But something... Is happening here, and I... I don't really know what I'm saying, but...

Iszara: Then don't say anything. I'm not interested in your words, Cyrus. It's enough to have you here. I just have to believe you'll stay when I need you.

Cyrus: I will finish this.

When the movie ended, I was back in Saintsport.

Next, I would go into the Catacombs and face the Dragon.

But that is a tale for the next part of the Redguard Storyline.

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