TESA Redguard: To The Jail And Back

Released In:

In the seventh part of the Redguard Storyline, I met the Restless League and found out that Iszara wasn’t with them. On my return to Saintsport, I decided to go back to the city, to the Draggin Tale, and talk to Dreekius.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Basil related the story of the defeat of Prince A’Tor and his forces by Imperials, how Richton’s Dark Elf Assassin struck down A’Tor with a poisoned arrow, and how an Imperial Dragon routed A’Tor’s followers, and how Archmage Voa preserved the dying Prince’s soul in a soulgem. He then revealed that the League gained possession of the soulgem, and planned to spark a revolution with the prospect of the Prince restored from the soulgem to lead the League and A’Tor’s supporters against the Imperials. Basil also tells how Iszara stole that soulgem from the League and disappeared. “Find the soulgem, and you’ll find Iszara,” Basil says. After hearing Basil, sailed from League Hideout back to Stros M’Kai.

When I entered the Tavern, I noticed that Tobias had left.

Cyrus: I trust our Captain made it out of the city okay.

Dreekius: He hoped you might be there to see him off, but that doubtless your cup was full; lestways, he left this for you.

I was given some gold.

Cyrus: Thanks.

Dreekius: Tobias said that might make your search easier. How goes it, then?

Cyrus: Well, I met the League.

Dreekius: And?

Cyrus: Evidently, Iszara was an important member. They seem sort of rag-tag but there’s something about their leader that worries me.

Dreekius: What did they say about your sister?

Cyrus: They’ve been hunting for her themselves for a while. They only let me into the Hideout to find out what I knew. They mention that they were preparing for a counterattack against the Empire, but that she put a stop to that–

Dreekius: How?

Cyrus: She stole a soulgem from them. If I can find it, I can find her. What have you heard of soulgems, Dreekius? I need to get my hands on it.

Dreekius: Such arts are practiced in Black Marsh, but we use unhatched eggs in place of gems. The practice was outlawed for a while in the previous era, because such magic was so prone to error. But after the Mage’s Guilds were founded, the ban on soulgems was lifted. You should try asking someone at the Guild here to find out more.

I decided to follow Dreekius’ advice. I went to Avik and tipped him, to find out what he knew about soulgems.

Avik: You are too kind.

Cyrus: What can you tell me about soulgems? Did you know that Prince A’Tor’s soul was placed into a soulgem just prior to his death?

Avik: I’m afraid I can’t help you. I’ve no skill to counteract that sorcery. You must seek out another member of the Guild to help you.

I decided to go and ask Saban about soulgems.

Saban: Sura. Sura, mong dua?

Cyrus: Mangai, Saban. What can you tell me about soulgems, Saban?

Coyle: Tang bateki matana?

Saban: Bateki matani den dura-hi!

Coyle: They are older than the eastern secrets!

Saban: Uee ta matakti matani tonga hi!

Coyle: Soulgems are tricky tricky magic.

Saban: Uhi du m’kai.

Coyle: It takes a powerful Sorcerer to use one.

Cyrus: Are you that powerful, Saban?

Coyle: She is.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Coyle says that his mother Saban says that it takes a powerful Sorcerer to use the power of a soulgem. Coyle assures that his mother is that powerful.

Cyrus: Thank you, Saban.

Saban: Tuktu ansei, Sura.

Cyrus: Goodbye.

Saban: Trangai, Sura.

Next, I decided to ask Falicia about soulgems. However, on the way to the Mages Guild, I decided to tell Brother Nidal what I had learned, so I went to the Temple.

Cyrus: Brother.

Brother Nidal: Hello, Cyrus.

Cyrus: Brother Nidal, did you know that Prince A’Tor’s soul was placed into a soulgem just prior to his death?

Brother Nidal: Kithral never told me. I had no idea! And this would explain their search for the Archmage’s ring…

Cyrus: How do you mean?

Brother Nidal: It seems that they were going to bring the Prince back to life, so to speak. Just as Archmage Voa preserved the Prince’s body he also preserved his soul. The body was dying from the dark arrow’s poison; it was the only way to save him. Voa separated both body and soul, and protected them both, hoping that he could one day heal the body and restore the Prince.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Nidal suggests that Iszara and Kithral planned to use Voa’s ring to dispel the stasis field on A’Tor body, thus enabling a transfer of A’Tor’s soul from the soulgem back into the Prince’s body.

After I spoke with Nidal, I went and spoke with Falicia.

Cyrus: What do you know about soulgems, Falicia?

Falicia: Mmm, er, nothing… Why do you ask?

Cyrus: Please, Falicia, I think you know why I’m asking. Iszara disappeared shortly after stealing the soulgem from the Restless League. I think she may have come here with it.

Falicia: She… Did. I’ll tell you about it.

Falicia looked around to see if they were alone.

Falicia: I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, but Archmage Jaganvir is worried that the Empire will shut the Guild down if we are caught helping the Crowns.

Cyrus: I’m not a Crown. Iszara is my sister.

Falicia: Fine. Your sister came here with the soulgem. She was frantic and insistent on speaking to one of the Upper Cabal. She was worried about being followed and needed to restore Prince A’Tor as soon as possible.

Cyrus: She was going to bring back the Prince?

Falicia: What do you think the soulgem was for in the first place, a keepsake of her lost love? Look, Archmage Voa put A’Tor’s soul into the gem to save him from the Empire, see? Somehow the Restless League got their hands on it and were using it to rally supporters to win the kingdom back. Anyway, Iszara got tired of waiting around for this attack to happen so she swiped the gem and came here to get things done.

Cyrus: But…?

Falicia: But since the Archmage was killed in the battle, there was no one left with enough power to restore the Prince. Iszara was terrified. Then one of our members, an Acolyte named Joto, decided he would try to help her find another way to restore the Prince.

Cyrus: Did it work?

Falicia: Yeah, Prince A’Tor’s behind you right now making funny faces. No, it didn’t work. Iszara was here night and day doing research with Joto, pouring over scrolls and spellbooks to find some clue that would help them. But the Empire must have caught on. A Dark Elf came to talk to Jaganvir one day and the next thing you know Joto is thrown into the City Jail for treason against the Empire.

Cyrus: What happened to Iszara?

Falicia: I don’t know if she got away or she was caught along with Joto or what. He’s the only one who could tell you that and he’s rotting away in a cell.

Cyrus: Not for long.

Falicia: You’re crazy if you think you’re going to break into the City Jail! The Empire has–

Jaganvir suddenly entered the chamber.

Jaganvir: Silence!

Falicia: Archmage Jaganvir! I was only–

Jaganvir: Would you have the Empire put the whole of the Guild in chains? Speaking of this is strictly forbidden!

Cyrus: Back off, sparkly, I was just leaving. I have everything I wanted to know.

Jaganvir: You’re not leaving until I’m sure you’ll never speak a word of what you’ve learned. And I have a perfect… And most satisfying… Means of ensuring your discretion.

Jaganvir cast a spell that turned Cyrus into a Gremlin. The Gremlin Cyrus quickly ran out of the Guild.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Archmage Jaganvir surprises Falicia telling about Iszara, Joto, and the soulgem. Jaganvir casts an enchantment turning me into a Gremlin to keep me from revealing this information to anyone.

As a Gremlin, the sounds “laloo”, “mee”, “bak”, “chaa”, “weee” and “eng” can be made in a conversation, in any order. Using “chaa”, “eng”, “mee” and “bak” (“change me back”) in that order is the only sentence the NPCs will understand. If they don’t understand what Gremlin Cyrus says, they will give a random reply. While not very informative, I have decided to provide conversations between Gremlin Cyrus and NPCs. Notice that Gremlin Cyrus cannot open doors (so no way to talk to the NPCs that aren’t outside) and he can’t get attacked either (no trouble from Imperial Guards).

The first person I talked to was Lakene.

Lakene: Hello, there. Can I help you? Hm?

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa!

Lakene: I… Don’t know what you’re saying.

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng!

Lakene: Hmm.

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee!

Lakene: I’ve no food on me, sorry.

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee! Bak!

Lakene: Oh, it’s a spell you’re under. You’ll need another Wizard to fix that. Or hope it doesn’t last forever.

Gremlin Cyrus: Yupee-nub-nub.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Gremlin. Yuppee nub nub. Lalloo! Cha! Enj! Me! Bak! Need! Mage!

Next, I talked to Mariah.

Mariah: Hello! Don’t be afraid.

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa!

Mariah: That’s very sweet.

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng!

Mariah: Oh, my. What happened then?

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee!

Mariah: You’d better get back to the Caves, my dear, before Hunding sees you. You’ll be turned to stone!

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee! Bak!

Mariah: Change you back?! That’s quite beyond me, sweetkin. Find a Wizard for that.

Gremlin Cyrus: Yupee-nub-nub.

I then spoke with Crendal.

Crendal: I must be seein’ things. What?!

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa!

Crendal: Figment of the good drink, you are!

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng!

Crendal: Ach! Keep it down, will you?

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee!

Crendal: Go away, why don’t you?

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee! Bak!

Crendal: Change you into what? How the hell am I supposed to do that? Yer bad enough as it is!

Gremlin Cyrus: Yupee-nub-nub.

I went to Avik.

Avik: What is this?

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa!

Avik: What was that?

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng!

Avik: Yes, yes, I know.

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee!

Avik: That’s right, little one.

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee! Bak!

Avik: Change you back?! Did you say that? Is that you, Cyrus? Oh, of course, the vest! Did you go threatening Jaganvir? I recognize his sorcery. My own, however, is not so vulgar as this, and I’ve no skill to counteract it. You must seek out another member of the Guild to help you.

Gremlin Cyrus: Yupee-nub-nub.

I went to the Docks and spoke with Trithik.

Trithik: Hunding’s bones! An Orc-Rat! Hunding have you, creature!

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa!

Trithik: Stone your hide, dark foul thing of the underneath!

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng!

Trithik: Babble to the righteous, thou offal-ken!

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee!

Trithik: Avast! Begone wit ye!

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee! Bak!

Trithik: Change you back! Hunding’ll have you changed to stone if you don’t make haste to the cold dark! Bother men no more, thou nix-bane! Foul rot-wrought beast! Thou Troll’s dung mannequin! Thou evil spot!

Gremlin Cyrus: Yupee-nub-nub.

I then spoke with Kotaro.

Kotaro: Now you’d better stay away from me…! Go bother someone else.

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa!

Kotaro: What was that?

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng!

Kotaro: But that I can’t understand a word!

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee!

Kotaro: Some Wizard lose his familiar, little one? Go on, now! Back to the Guild with you!

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee! Bak!

Kotaro: Change you back…?! What magery is this? To a Wizard with you, Gremlin! Begone!

Gremlin Cyrus: Yupee-nub-nub.

I spoke with Siona next.

Siona: >Shrieks< Shoo! Shoo! Leave me alone!

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa!

Siona: Ach! You’re disgusting!

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee! Bak!

Siona: Find a Wizard then!

I left the city and went all the way to the Yokudan camp, where I spoke with Coyle.

Coyle: Where’d you come from?

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa!

Coyle: Get out!

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng!

Coyle: Shoo! Go away!

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee!

Coyle: Leave us alone! Go back to the Caves!

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee! Bak!

Coyle: Change you back? Into what, you ugly thing? Find someone else to work that magic for you!

Gremlin Cyrus: Yupee-nub-nub.

I then talked to Saban.

Saban: Hn-hn-hnnn. Ha-ha! No nukri, Sura!

Coyle: You mean that’s Cyrus?

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa!

Saban: Hn-hn-hnnn.

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng!

Saban: Sura dan nogro no nukri.

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee!

Saban: Metat nukatki! Hn-hn-hnn.

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee! Bak!

Saban: Zhang-gak do nudri-hi, Sura.

Coyle: Mother says this is eastern magic, Cyrus; she cannot break the spell.

Saban: Togo so wutra metat kogo-hi.

Coyle: You have to find a Wizard from the Guild!

Gremlin Cyrus: Laloo! Yupee-nub-nub.

I spoke with Coyle again.

Coyle: Can you find no one to help you yet?!

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa!

Coyle: I can’t understand any of that, Cyrus!

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng!

Coyle: Yes, yes, but what does it all mean?

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee!

Coyle: You’ll have to find someone else to help you.

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee! Bak!

Coyle: Mother can’t help you with this, and neither can I, Cyrus. You have to find a Wizard from the Guild!

Gremlin Cyrus: Yupee-nub-nub.

It had now become obvious that no one but Joto could help me, so I decided to go to the Jail, near the Palace. There was no way to open the door to the Jail, but there was a hole in the wall that a small creature like a Gremlin could use to get inside. There had apparently been a window there some time earlier. I went inside.

The hole led to a very small room with an open door. On the other side was a room with four doors and two staircases. The larger door was the one leading outside, two side ones led to what were probably storage rooms (I came from one of these) and there was another door opposite the main door, between two staircases. After going up the stairs, there were more stairs, to the left and the right, leading to the top of the wall around the Old Quarter. On one side of these stairs were very small rooms (identical to the room on the other side of the hole), while on the other side were corridors. The corridor on the side of the stairs to the right led to two small rooms with bunks, while the corridor on the side of the stairs to the left led to the cells. I went through the corridor on the left and eventually found the only prisoner in the whole Jail: Joto, the Acolyte Khajiit.

Joto: Well. What have we here?

I spoke with him from the other side of the bars.

Joto: You want something? From Joto?

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa!

Joto: Sorry, Joto can’t understand you.

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng!

Joto: What?

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee!

Joto: This means nothing to Joto.

Gremlin Cyrus: Chaa! Eng! Mee! Bak!

Joto: What?! Oh. Joto sees. Jaganvir’s favorite little trick. What did you do to annoy this Archmage, Joto wonders? Well, Joto takes care of this, no problem. Tayn-soma-neah-oosh-m’ktal.

Joto waved his hands around, casting a spell that made Cyrus human again.

Joto: There you are!

Cyrus: Thank you. I’m Cyrus —

Joto: Lords! Iszara’s brother!

Cyrus: Yes, yes, and I’m here because I’m told you can help me find Iszara.

Joto: Well. Yes. Like your sister, Cyrus knows where to find trouble. How did you get here? And can you get Joto out?

Cyrus: Maybe. But keys are a problem. And I have a much better chance of getting out of here by myself.

Joto: Yes. Joto sees the problem.

Cyrus: But I swear I’ll get you out of here if you’ll help me find Iszara.

Joto: Yes. Joto thinks Necromancer has Iszara.

Cyrus: How could that be?

Joto: Iszara asked Joto for help, to use his magic to restore Prince A’Tor from soul gem. Joto could not. And Joto knows no other at Guild can help. Joto knows only one Sorcerer can do this thing – N’Gasta, powerful Necromancer.

Cyrus: So you sent her there?

Joto: No, no, no. Joto not stupid. Joto warned sister — No trust dark Worm N’Gasta. Powerful, yes, is N’Gasta — But wicked. Soulstealer. Old and evil.

Cyrus: But Iszara would not listen?

Joto: No. She is your sister. You know. And she loves the Prince, so — She must try. So Joto tells her — Joto knows a precaution — Protection against wicked N’Gasta.

Cyrus: The precaution didn’t work?

Joto: No. Poor Iszara. No patience. Joto tells her — Flask of Lillandril, old, old Elven magic, here on this island — But where? Flask is lost many, many years, so we search and search, but — Few clues, so slow, Iszara can’t wait. We find one thing, one piece of map, I think it shows where to look, but just one piece —

Cyrus: So she abandoned any hopes of finding the Flask and went to the Necromancer anyway?

Joto: Yes, I think. But Joto keeps looking, and Joto finds other piece of map. But before Joto can show it, Iszara is gone. Then Imperials they find Joto and stick him here. But — Joto still has map piece. He hides it from Guards. Here. I show you —

Suddenly, Dram appeared behind Cyrus. He was unnoticed.

Joto: Take this, find Flask. Then go to N’Gasta, find Iszara there, I think —

Joto gave me his map piece.

Dram: You talk too much, Cat.

Dram took out his bow and shot Joto.

Joto: Aggh.

Cyrus: Joto!

Joto: Find — Iszara.

Joto died.

Dram: Redguard. One way out. Through me.

Cyrus: Bastard. You — Bastard!

Dram: Come, Redguard, let me shave you to the bone.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Joto dispelled Jaganvir’s change-to-Gremlin enchantment. Joto thinks N’Gasta the Necromancer has Iszara. Joto says N’Gasta was the only Sorcerer who could use his magic to restore A’Tor from the soulgem. Since N’Gasta is evil and untrustworthy, Joto and Iszara planned to use the ancient Elven magic of the Flask of Lillandril as protection when negotiating with wicked N’Gasta. Joto and Iszara had found one piece of the map, and then Joto found another, but before Joto could give his second piece to Iszara, she had disappeared, and Joto had been jailed by the Imperials. Joto gave me his second piece of the map, and said that if I was going to face N’Gasta to find Iszara, I must have the Flask of Lillandril. Then suddenly the Governor’s Dark Elf appeared in the Jail, killed Joto, and attacked.

I fought Dram. After I managed to hit him several times, injuring him, he used a teleportation spell to escape. I began wondering where the first map piece, that Iszara had taken with her, was. I looked through my inventory and realized that the back of the Restless League insignia was this map piece, since it had a part of the map on its back.

After I killed an Imperial Guard and found three health potions lying around, I left the Jail by going up the stairs on the left. There, on top of the wall around (a part of) the Old Quarter, I was immediately attacked by two Guards. I killed them and followed the wall until it ended. From there, I was able to jump on top of a nearby building, where I fought another Guard. I then jumped on top of another, and then on another one, where I fought two more Guards and found a health potion.

After I jumped on top of another building, where I fought another Guard, I saw the Dwemer Airship above the Palace.

Anyway, I jumped on top of another, and then another (where I fought a Guard and found a health potion), and then another, and then another (where I found another health potion), and then another (where I fought three Guards), and yet another (where I fought a Guard).

There was a large hole in the roof of the latter, leading to a chamber. I went inside, fought two Guards, took a gold bag and a health potion and then jumped on top of another building, and then yet another (where I fought two Guards), and then another, and then another, until I finally got to the other part of the wall, where I fought another Guard.

I followed wall to the Old Quarter gate. From here, I could go back to the rest of the city if I wanted to, but I decided to jump to the ground level of the Old Quarter from the wall. Among the ruins of the once beautiful Old Quarter, I found seven bags of gold and four health potions.

I left the ruins by going through a crack in the wall, jumping in the water and swimming back to the rest of the city.

Next, I would go looking after the Flask of Lillandril: the only artifact with which N’Gasta could be defeated.

But that is a tale for the next part of the Redguard Storyline.

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