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Smolder Scrolls Online – Naryu

You stand awkwardly on a cobblestone street of Balmora as Naryu looks you up and down with a scrutinizing eye. She invited you to the House Hlaalu Masquerade Ball tonight, hosted by an important Hlaalu counsilor, but hasn’t told you why she’s brought you along. The Dark Elf circles you once, assessing your ball attire.

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Smolder Scrolls Online

Smolder Scrolls Online is a web-based text adventure, released for Heart’s Day 2020, that allows you to romance or rebuke one of three Elder Scrolls Online characters. It was written by Taylor Cyr. In 2021 Smolder Scrolls Online added two additional adventures for Fennorian and Eveli. Lady Nerevar released a tutorial for recreating this sort of

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Smolder Scrolls Online – Eveli

You and Eveli tracked a group of murderous bandits to an old fort. Unfortunately, it’s quickly becoming apparent that the two of you are severely outnumbered. Eveli looses one arrow after another into the fray as you pull her back by the hood, around a corner, and into a small alcove. Eveli “Take that, you

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