Smolder Scrolls Online – Eveli

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You and Eveli tracked a group of murderous bandits to an old fort. Unfortunately, it’s quickly becoming apparent that the two of you are severely outnumbered.

Eveli looses one arrow after another into the fray as you pull her back by the hood, around a corner, and into a small alcove.


“Take that, you creepy bunch of cracked acorns! This Wood Elf will make you cry for– oh!”

“Hey! What’s the big idea? I wasn’t done putting arrows through those jerks!”

“Why’d you stop me?”


“As much as I like watching you cut down bandits, I think we’re outmatched here.”


“Come on, we could totally take… wait, you like watching me? Heh. You know, if you want lessons from a master archer, all you have to do is ask.”


“I’m trying to keep you from getting killed.” 


“Oh, come on, I totally had that! There’s not a scratch on me! Ugh, fine. I suppose I’ll save arrows this way.”


Eveli huffs, but settles back against the alcove. Around the corner, the bandits pursuing you rush past, having lost sight of their quarry. Silence settles. You and Eveli are mere inches apart.

“So, I suppose we’re stuck here for the moment. This is kind of fun, don’t you think? It’s just like when Investigator Vale and that good-looking guard got stuck in a closet and… err….”

“It’s not important. But it’s a good read, I swear! One of my favorites, actually. Though, this probably isn’t the time for talking about my favorite stories. Mortal danger, and all that.”

Eveli blushes and avoids your eyes for a moment. In the quiet, she whistles tunelessly. When she looks back at you, a nervous grin spreads across her face.

“Close quarters, huh?”


“They could always be closer.”


“Ha! Oh, wait, you’re serious? “I… didn’t know you felt that way. I hoped, but I didn’t want to ruin it. Not putting all my acorns in one basket and all that.”

Eveli shifts on her heels, smiling coyly. She angles her body a little closer to you in the small space and tilts her head.

“In that case, how’s this? Closer, just like you wanted, right? Just me and you, you and me, in this tiiiiny little space. It’s grand.”

“Erm, that Investigator Vale story I was talking about? What I didn’t mention earlier was that after a while, she and that very good-looking guard decide that hiding in a closet is awfully boring.”

“So Investigator Vale comes up with a brilliant plan! To make it more exciting, right?”

Eveli takes a steadying breath and then exhales sharply, steeling herself. Her eyes close, but she peeks one open to look at you.

“And if you’re not serious about this, I’m really going to need you to tell me now before I make an idiot out of myself.”


“Unfortunately. Your breath smells like a dead horker.”


“Well that’s not very nice! Huh, must have been the blood-berry pudding I had earlier.”

“I’d just like to point out that if you hadn’t dragged me in here you wouldn’t have to smell my stinky pudding breath. So really, if we’re looking at things objectively, this is all your fault.”

Eveli folds her arms over her chest and frowns. She pointedly looks away from you before exhaling a dramatic sigh.

“I could have done this on my own, you know. I brought you along because I thought we’d have fun, but silly me! I forgot you were a big, stupid, stick in the mud!”

Eveli’s bright eyes dart back to you, almost challenging. She juts her chin out, as if daring you to say something back.

(Option available if the player chose “They could always be closer”)


“I’m serious, Eveli. Let me guess, they made it more exciting by kissing?”

(Go to Romance Ending)

(Option available if the player chose “They could always be closer”)


“Sorry, Eveli. I was just joking. I consider you a friend.”

(Go to Friends Ending)

(Option available if the player chose “Unfortunately. Your breath smells like a dead horker.”)


“You’re right., I’m sorry, Eveli. Truce?”

(Go to Neutral Ending)

(Option available if the player chose “Unfortunately. Your breath smells like a dead horker.”)


“At least I don’t run around all day pretending to be a hero.”

(Go to Enemies Ending)

Romance Ending

“You’re either a secret Investigator Vale fan, or very good at guessing. Doesn’t matter! I’m not arguing.”

“You know, I always wondered why Investigator Vale spent so much time doing this kind of thing. I thought chasing down the baddie was the best part.”

Eveli presses up close to you and reaches for your jaw. She giggles breathlessly as she leans in, her nose drifting across your cheek.

“Guess I’ve still got a lot to learn, huh?”

“Now hurry up and kiss me so we can finish putting holes through these horkers!”

Eveli presses against you and kisses you eagerly. Her hands cup your jaw before trailing down to tug at your collar, pulling you closer.

Outside, the bandits give up their search, never knowing that the two of you were inside the fort kissing furiously enough to make even Investigator Vale herself blush.

You make Eveli’s heart quiver! Is this the next step to an arrow to the knee?

Friends Ending

“Fine. But you owe me one … no, two blood-berry puddings when we get back! And I get to finish off the bandit leader! Then we’ll see if I can find it in my heart to forgive you.”

“Oh! That’s all right, no hard feelings, yeah? Let’s just go on pretending this never happened and that I didn’t just totally embarrass myself just now.”

Eveli punches you lightly in the arm and grins.

“Besides, Investigator Vale and the guard just decided to play a round of cards in the closet. Nothing embarrassing about that!”

“Now, let’s get back to doing what we do best. Two heroes, terrible odds, the power of friendship, a bunch of arrows, and attitude!”

Eveli grins at you and draws another arrow from her quiver. She spins it deftly between her fingers before grabbing hold of it and darting out of the alcove.

“Last one there’s a rotten acorn!”

Your friendship with Eveli hits the mark!

Neutral Ending

She tries to frown, but the expression quickly fades as she snorts a laugh.

“Come on, you. We’re not very good heroes if we let all the enemies get away. I accept the terms of your truce, alright?”

With a playful roll of her eyes, Eveli pulls an arrow from her quiver and steps out of the alcove. She pauses in the hall to stick her tongue out at you.

“Last one there’s a rotten acorn!”

You don’t aim too high or too low when it comes to relationships. You and Eveli are civil.

Enemies Ending

“Oh ho! That’s good! You’ve really cut me to the core with that one. I’m going to have to cry myself to sleep over it! How will I ever recover?”

Eveli shoves past you as she leaves the alcove, her face twisted with fury.

“I don’t know if you woke up on the wrong side of a wamasu this morning or if you’re just rotten to your core, but either way, I’m not sticking around to deal with it.”

“Don’t come crying to me if you get a bandit’s arrow in your throat. I only pretend to be a hero, after all.”

Eveli glares at you before turning promptly on her heel and stalking off in the other direction.

Making Eveli mad might have a lot of drawbacks … watch your back!

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