Smolder Scrolls Online – Razum Dar

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Out of breath and soaked with rain, you and Razum-dar take refuge in a cozy tavern after a treacherous chase. You outran your latest enemy and, for what feels like the first time in weeks, you finally have a moment to breathe.

You’re in a back room, warming yourself by a roaring fire while Raz speaks to the innkeeper about preparing your rooms. After a few minutes, the Khajiit appears in the doorway with drinks in hand. He flashes you a smile as he sits beside you.


“That was a close one, yes? Closer than Raz is usually comfortable with. But we should be safe here, so long as we lie low, enjoying the drinks and perhaps one another’s company?”

“The innkeeper was a bit suspicious, so Raz told him the two of us are recently married, deeply in love, and on our honeymoon. The man said we make a beautiful couple, which of course Raz already knew.”

“This one hopes you do not mind.”


“I don’t mind.”


“Raz knew you would approve! It will be fun to pretend, yes? Perhaps you could sit on Raz’s lap to help convince everyone. Ha!”

(Romance +1)


“You embarrassed me.”


“Ah, deepest apologies. That was not this one’s intention. Raz assumed you would find it amusing. An error on his part.”

(Romance -1)


“At any rate, Raz is glad we made it here and that you are unharmed. It is a relief to have a moment to rest and know that we are safe after so many days of uncertainty.”

“We should enjoy it while it lasts.” Raz almost wishes we were a young married couple without a care in the world. No responsibilities. No duties to uphold. Nothing to concern our hearts with but our love for each other.”


“I wish that too, Raz.”


“You do? Raz is surprised. You never mentioned such a thing before. He is not complaining, of course.”

“This one will admit, he did not intend to become so fond of you, but he has. Raz often catches himself staring at your figure in crowded rooms, picturing you and him together in much… less crowded spaces. Perhaps you have had the same problem?”

Raz grins and moves his chair closer to yours. Your shoulders brush and you feel the warmth of his closeness against you.

His hand drifts along your knee, claws catching softly against the fabric there. He chuckles in your ear, sending shivers down your spine, before pulling away.

(Romance +1)


“I’d rather soak my head.”


“Raz does not think there is any need to be rude about it. It is clear to him now that you are not in a joking mood.”

“We have been traveling together for some time. Perhaps you are sick of Raz. You would not be the first.”

Raz frowns into his tankard and then takes a hearty gulp. After, he wrenches his arm across his mouth.

He puts the tankard down on the table hard enough to make the contents slosh around. Raz sighs and gives you a sidelong glance.

(Romance -1)

“Say what you will about our adventures together … Raz cannot deny he has enjoyed himself.”

“We’ve had much excitement, yes? Not all of it good, but not all of it bad, either. Raz has worried through his fair share of it. You tend to be a source of distraction for him. Raz did not expect someone so stimulating, or attractive, to come into his life, after all.”

“Hmm. This one begins to suspect his little lie about the two of us being married was a bit more indulgent on his part than he first admitted. That perhaps he has fallen for you, despite his best efforts. What do you think?”


“I think you look incredibly handsome right now.”


“Ah ha! Raz thinks so too, but hearing you say it excites him in a way that is most intoxicating. You are a wondrous, endlessly surprising creature, did you know that? By the Moons….”

(Romance +1)

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“I think you’re an idiot.”


(Romance -1)

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Romance Ending

Raz leans forward, closing the distance between the two of you. This close, you can smell the damp leather of his armor and see the flames of the fire dancing in his green eyes.

“Long has this one wished to stare into your eyes like this. A shame we waited this long.”

“Of course, our adventures are far from over. Raz knows there is much in store for us still. Now, come. If we are to keep our friendly innkeeper unsuspecting, the young couple should retire to their room for the night, yes?”

Raz chuckles softly, his eyes flashing with amusement. His gaze traces your face fondly for a moment, as if he hopes to memorize you, before he stands.

He offers you his arm with a dashing grin and keeps you close to his side as the two of you climb the stairs and adjourn to your room for the night.

Razum-dar might be the Eye of the Queen, but you’re the apple of his eye.

Friends Ending

Raz chuckles, his eyes glittering.

“You joke with Raz. You always know how to make him laugh, yes?”

“You are a good friend, you know. This one is glad to have met you. Shall we drink to our adventures? Raz hopes there will be many more to come.”

Raz sits back and raises his stankard with a dashing smile. He gestures it toward you with a nod of warm approval.

The two of you drink long into the night, regaling each other with stories of your exploits and laughing so hard the innkeeper eventually has to scold you for it.

Even Razum-dar needs someone to count on–he’s glad he has you for a friend!

Enemies Ending

Raz scoffs and shakes his head, his lip curling in a snarl.

“Raz can see you are obviously not interested in his company tonight.”

“Perhaps come morning you will have a change of heart, but Raz will not hold his breath. Good night.”

Raz stands from the table, taking his drink with him.

He stomps away to the other side of the tavern, leaving you alone by the fire. The two of you do not speak for the rest of the night.

Looks like you razzed Razum-dar a bit too hard and made an enemy out of him!

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