TES1: Arena

TES1 Arena: Stolen Items

Descriptions of the stuff you can steal out of people’s pockets in Elder Scrolls: Arena. You have pilfered a dirty, sticky handkerchief. All your victim possessed was a greasy hairbrush. Your victim’s pockets were empty, except for some string and a bit of paper. You have pilfered a few worthless pebbles. Your victim had nothing […]

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TES1 Arena: Rumors

This section lists various rumors available from the NPCs in Arena. They are split into two categories: general and work related. The work related ones can call back to quests you’ve completed. General Rumors I do not want to sound paranoid, but I am convinced that our [title] has been possessed by the devil. This

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TES1 Arena: Organizations

This page lists the guilds and organizations you will encounter during Arena. The quoted section at the start of each is the description given about them in the game’s manual. The lines below are taken from the game data and are given to the player when they run into an opponent from each organization. The

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TES1 Arena: Jokes

These jokes are pulled, at random, into dialog for the jester class. Why did the [race] put the letters ‘T.G.I.F.’ on his boots? To remind himself – Toes Go In First! Most [race] family trees don’t fork! What do a [race] and a bottle of port have in common? They’re both empty from the neck

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TES1 Arena: Holidays

The main paragraph of text for each holiday is the description given for it. The bullet points underneath are used by citizens as part of randomly generated dialog about the holiday. New Life Festival Today the people of [city] are having the New Life Festival in celebration of a new year. The Emperor has ordered

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TES1 Arena: Exclamations

This page contains exclamations from Elder Scrolls Arena. The dialog pulls them at random depending on the location. The nationality of origin isn’t marked in the files, rather, I assigned it based on the content. Nordic By Thorig's Beard By Olfor's Hammer By the White Wolf By the Frozen Wastes By the Hoarfather Mother of

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TES1 Arena: The Oghma Infinium

Description The Oghma Infinium is a tome of knowledge written by the Ageless One, the wizard-sage Xarses. All who read the Infinium are filled with the energy of the artifact which can be manipulated to raise one's abilities to near demi-god proportions. Once used, legend has it, the Infinium will disappear from its wielder. Rumors

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TES1 Arena: City Descriptions

This page contains messages given to the player when initially entering a city in Elder Scrolls Arena. Bracketed texts indicates a significant difference between the the description given in CITYTXT and the one in TEMPLATE.DAT High Rock North Point hails thee, traveler. We wish you goodfortune within our walls… Daggerfall greets those in search for

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