TES1 Arena: Exclamations

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This page contains exclamations from Elder Scrolls Arena. The dialog pulls them at random depending on the location. The nationality of origin isn’t marked in the files, rather, I assigned it based on the content.


By Thorig's Beard

By Olfor's Hammer

By the White Wolf

By the Frozen Wastes

By the Hoarfather

Mother of the Ice


By the Cliffs of Solitude

By the Northern Sea

By the Beard of Thorig



By the Rat-god

Whore of Alizahad

Dust of Orcrest

By the Sands of Elsweyr

By the Blessed Water

By the Hand of Ibrahad

Desert Sun

By the Dry Heart

By the Water of Life

Devil of the Sands



By the Dragon's Teeth

Dragon's Teeth

Cursed Darvak

By My Father's Name

By Rourken

By the Great Hammer

By the Dwarf-King

Beard of the Dwarf-King

By the Guardian's Blood

By the First Wyrm



By Starfall's Waters

Bless My Lord

By the Crypt

Death Be Damned

By My Lady

By the Mists

By the Wolf

By the Dark Lord

Spirits of High Rock

By the ArchDruid



Swamp Devil

Mire of Murkwood

By the Gods

By the Throne of Aphicles

By the Blades of Fate

By the Lonely One

Host of Stormhold

By the Swamp Spirit

By the Mother-goddess




By the Elden Grove

By the Timber Spirits

By the Lore of Wood

By Mistria's Curse

Spirits of the Wood

Faeries of the Grove

By Caliron's Heart

By the Root

Fire of Eldenroot

By the Fire



By the Highest One

By the White Crystal

By the Wood of Elborn

By the Blue Divide


By the Otherworld

First Spirit of Tamriel

Blade of Cassimoran

Crystals of Summurset

By the First Spirit



By the Black Isle

By the Dark Ones

By the Fires of Dagoth-Ur

By the Mad Queen

By the Black Maw

Dark Goddess Protect Us

By the Night

Soul of the Black Knight

By the Soulless One


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