TES1 Arena: Occupations and their Descriptions

Released In:

There are two types of NPC occupations in Arena: special ones with unique greetings and sprites (listed first in this document), and more common ones for whom the greetings and sprites aren't customized (listed second).

There are several special occupations in Arena. Their introductions are all specific to the class, and they have unique sprites.


The boys call me [Name]. I'm a whore.

Ain't much need for names, is there? Well, you can call me [Name], if you wanna.

I am [Name]. My business is in making boys happy. Ain't that nice?

I meet more [race] boys than girls, but business is business. I'm [Name].

Very nice to meetcha. I go by [Name]. It's my... career name.

The name's [Name], if you really want to know it. Most guys don't care.

Looking for some company, [race]? You can call me [Name] or anything you want.

I'm [Name]. No offense, honey, but I don't like [race] boys much. You might want to talk to one of the other ladies down the street.

I don't believe we've ever met, I'm [Name]. I heard there was a cute new [race] in town. all the girls will be jealous when they see us talking.

I've seen [race] eyes before, but never any quite like yours. Tell me what I can do... for you, honey.


Yeah, I remember you, [race]. I'm [Name], the courtesan, remember?

I don't mind you forgetting me. Nature of business. I'm [Name] the whore.

[Exclamation], think really hard, [race]. Oh well, I'm [Name], the, ah, lady of the night.

We met before, [race]. I'm a tart, by the name of [Name].

I'm [Name] the harlot. Remember, we spoke before?

You know me, honey. Well, we only talked before I guess. [Name], mistress to the [race]

Not too many [race] boys forget [Name]. Of course, we usually did more than just talk.

[Exclamation], honey, you're hurting [Name]'s feelings, pretending you don't remember her. I'm the
naughty lady you talked to a little while ago.

If my face doesn't look familiar, honey, it's 'cause you weren't looking at it when
we talked before. [Name], [race]. Pleasure to see ya again.

It ain't been that long, [Player Name]. You remember your little [Name], don't cha?



Me? I'm [Name], but I have to tell you something. [joke] Bet you haven't heard that one yet.

Hello, I'm [Name], but then again, ultimately, aren't we all? What can I do for you?

Yello, I'm Horny. Whoops, I mean, I'm Randy. No seriously, I'm [Name]. You can see how I got it confused. What can I do for you, my sweet [race]? By the way, [joke]

Good day, I'm [Name], and if you think you've got problems, listen to this. [joke] Now, what's thy story?

You don't remember me? [Name]? Well, you were pretty drunk at the time. Anyhow, you'll be happy to know the baby isn't yours. Stop me if you've heard this. [joke]


You're [Name] the Fool, right? No, wait a minute, that's me. I'm terrible at names.

I remember you! Don't tell me you forgot [Name] the Jester. Woe is me. [joke].

Who are you? Who are you? That's all I ever hear from you! I'm [Name] the Fool. Remember it next time. Sheesh.

I memorized your name when we met before, but I threw my head away. I'm [Name] the Jester. [joke].

Wanna hear a joke? no? Too bad... [joke]

Have you heard this one before? [joke]

You talk to me, play with my affections, then the next minute, it's 'Who are you?' Well, [race], I may be thy old buddy [Name] the Jester, or I might be the [title] of [city name].



Fire Breather

I am [Name], and, you won't believe this, I'm a firebreather. [Exclamation], I know that must come as a surprise to you... so what do you want?

They call me the Human Torch. I think there are a few other imitators with my name, so you can call me [Name]. What can I do for you, stranger?

I am called [Name], a firebreather. How can I help you?

No, I am not busy doing anything. Just standing around, like any other day, breathing fire. I am [Name], at your service.

I am [Name], and, as you might have noticed, I breathe fire.


Now the first time you asked me who I am, I thought, 'What an idiot.' Now I wonder
whether I'm doing my job right. I'm [Name], remember? I breath fire?

My name is [Name], the firebreather. Good to see you again, [race].

Are you joking? You don't remember [Name] the firebreather? Ah, the fleet feet of

Most people don't have to ask more than once, [race]. I'm [Name] the firebreather.

They call me [Name] the firebreather. Wait a minute, we met before. Good to see you, [race].


Snake Charmer

Yes? I am [Name], and this is my cobra [snake name]. How may we help you?

Have you come to pet my snake? No? Well, tell me what [Name] can do for you.

Ah, [snake name], we have a visitor. Good day, young [race], I am called [Name].

You are a brave man to come so close to my cobra. What would you ask of [Name]?

I do not believe we've met, [race]. I am [Name], and this is [snake name], my snake.


Ah, [race], come back to talk to [Name]. Did you miss me or my snake, [snake name]?

Whose name did you forget, [race]? [Name] the snake charmer, or [snake name] the snake? Never mind - - it's good to see you again.

How have you been, young [race]? Don't you remember [Name] the snake charmer? I am sad to have made so little an impression.

I am [Name] the greatest snake charmer in [city name]. And you are a silly [race] for forgetting my name.

I do not spend my day playing with my snake, so that every two minutes a [race] ruffian interrupts me with, 'Who are you?'. 'Are you [Name], the snake man?' It makes me mad.



Alms? Alms? No, you want something from [Name], don't you?

Ah, [Name] thinks it's a good [race] to come talk to him. What can [Name] do for him?

Me am poor [Name]. Do not hurt poor [Name], and me answer question.

You ain't gonna give me no money, but I've gotta talk to you? If that's fair, my name ain't [Name]. Well, what do you want anyhow, [race]?

What do you want from me, [race]? [Name] is a busy man.


I'm [Name], the [title] of [city name], of course. Bad habit of yours, [race]. Asking old friends to identify themselves. Makes you look lumpheaded, it does.

Look familar, do I? Why, I'm [Name] the poor, stupid mendicant, I mean beggar.

I'm thy old pal, [Name] the man o' the streets. Don't tell me you forgot.

Someone might think you've forgotten my name, mate. But not [Name]. I know demanding 'Who are you?' is just yer way of saying 'Hello, friend.'

See how I remember thy name? Mine's poor [Name]. We met before.



'Tis a slow day for business, [race]. I am [Name], at your disposal.

Good day, I am [Name]. I do not think I have anything that would interest you.

What ho, young [race]. How can a poor peddler like [Name] help you?

Pleased to make your acquaintance, [race]. I am the peddler [Name]. How may I help you?

Remember what I, [Name] the Peddler, always say: everything is for sale. Though perhaps, you are looking for information?


My name is [Name], the vendor. You're %pcf, ain't you? I think we met before.

I'm thy solicitor [Name], don't you remember? Well, it's my business to remember.

I never forget a face. You're that [race] from before. I'm [Name], the retailer.

I cannot believe that you don't remember [Name] the vendor. Oh well, how are you?

You remember me, don't you? I'm [Name] the monger. What can I do for you, old [race]?



Good to see some young blood in our [settlement type], [race]. Anything [Name], esquire, can help you with? Information, perhaps?

Good child, [Name] is my name, and if you want to know anything about [city name], ask me. I've been here forever.

You're new to [city name], young [race]? You could not have picked a better [settlement type]. I, of course, am [Name], Merchant Extraordinaire.

You may call me [Name]. Ignore the baubles on this table. You should visit [store name]. My finest wares are there.

You're never going to believe this, but I sell stuff. I know this big table of things for sale probably confused you, but, yes, that's me: [Name], the seller of stuff.


Presenting [Name] the merchant. Most people remember my name the first time. Oh well...

We met before, not too long ago, young [race]. I'm the merchant [Name].

Good to see you again, [race]. I'm [Name], king of merchandise, if you forgot.

Still strolling around [city name], eh, [race]? Wish I had thy job but I gotta to eat.

I can't believe you forgot my name, [Name], supplier to [city name]. I thought we had a relationship.



Nosy, ain't you? I'd watch out. [city name] ain't as innocent a [settlement type] as it looks.

Most people in [city name] calls me [Name]. You could say I'm a businessman.

Today my name's [Name]. Tomorrow maybe it won't be. You're looking for information, [race]?

Well, I ain't a [city name] tourist guide. I guess you can call me [Name]. That's me business name.

What is it your business who I am? You better watch yourself, kid. Not everyone in [city name] is as friendly as me. So what do ya want?


I already told you, [race]. They call me [Name]. What d'ya want now?

Listen, [Name] don't plan on making friends with no [race]. What is it?

I told you before, [Name] is a busy man. Okay, what d'ya want this time?

Can't you find anyone else to talk to? Fine, make it quick. [Name] is expecting some
important business any moment now.

You already asked that before. I go by the name [Name]. What's yer problem now?



A wizard, of course. Don't they have those in %hc? Yes, I know who you are, [race]. Men call me [Name]. What can I do for you?

I am [Name], the finest wizard in [city name]. What can I do for you, young puppy?

We Thaumurgists believe that to possess a man's name is to possess his soul. If you must call me something, call me [Name].

The Mages' Guild has given me the name [Name], to show I am one of their own. What may I do for you, stranger?

My name, you mean? Let me see...[Name]...[Name], I believe, yes. I am one of the sorcerers to the court of the [title]. You have a question about my [settlement type]?


Dear me if it isn't the young [race] again. You remember old [Name], didn't you? Now what can I do for you this time?

Do I have a sign around my neck saying 'Bother Me'? I'm a cranky old wizard named [Name], not a travel guide. Make it a quick question, little one.

You forgot my name, I remember when your average [race] had an outstanding memory. Well, let me reintroduce myself. I am [Name] the Wizard. What can I do for you, youngster?

The sorceror, [Name]. Surely, you have not forgotten? Adjusting to [city name] life all right, I trust.

Ah, how soon they forget. I am the great [Name], and we've met before.



I am [Name] of the [temple], my child. How may a poor monk help you?

The [temple] has given me the name [Name]. I am a little familiar with the [settlement type] outside my temple. I'll tell you anything I know.

I have taken the name [Name], for that was the name of the savior of my village. What can I do to point you in the path of salvation, sinful [race]?

You do not know? I am only [Name], one of the personal priests of [title][ruler name]. You must be new to town.

Nice to meet you, [race]. I am [Name] of the [temple]. Can I give you some of our literature, or do you need something else?


Ah, [race], we meet again. You remember me, [Name] of the [temple]? Of course, you do.

Still wandering the dangerous streets of [city name], eh, [race]? Take the words of [Name] to heart. Get inside before nightfall.

Good to see you yet again, [race]. What can poor friar [Name] do for you this time?

Still have not found thy way, [race]? You remember [Name] of the [temple], yes? Tell me how I can help you.

Ah the young [race] butcher again. You have not come to confess thy sins to Father [Name] this time either, have you? You just need direction.



Decent tune, eh, [race]? I call that tune '[city name], Jewel of [province].' [Name]'s my name.

Do you often interrupt musicians in the middle of a rehearsal? Little respect for art these days especially here in [city name]. Ah well, I'm [Name]. What can I do for you, stranger?

I'm a musician, obviously, playing music. At least I was until you interrupted me. The name's [Name]. Well, what do you want? I'm a busy man.

I'll give you three guesses. Give up? I'm a lutist, name of [Name]. Perhaps you've heard of me.

Just a traveling musician, [Name] they call me. What can I do for you, [race]?


I know what you're going to say. 'Play it again, [Name].' How are you, [race]. It seems that I can't play three notes without you interrupting me, can I?

This is getting to be our song, eh, [race]? Tell me what a poor lutist like [Name] can do for you this time?

It must be my name that's forgettable, not my music. Allow me to reintroduce myself to you, [race]. I am [Name] of the lute. How can I help you?

This is getting to be a bad joke. Let me complete just one song without you interrupting me. It must be pretty important for you to bother [Name] more than once, I suppose. Yes?

Ah, my friend, don't tell me you've forgotten my name. I'm [Name]. To think I was going to write a song about you entitled, 'The [race] of %hc.' But I forgive you, good [race].


Street Cleaner

Well, I sure ain't the [title] of [city name]. I'm just [Name], humble street cleaner. How can I help you?

My name is [Name], the street-cleaner. What a mess, eh? Somebody has to clean up after all of you strangers.

Me? Listen, I ain't looking for trouble. I'm only poor [Name], a lowly employee of the [settlement type], doing my job, sweeping the streets. Do you need something?

You lost or something, kid? I'm [Name]. Usually nobody talks to me. They think I'm crazy.

I'm a street-cleaner. Big surprise, eh, [race]? I go by the name of [Name]. You new to town or something?


Little wonder you've forgotten my name, [race]. It's [Name]. It's one of those forgettable

You're still here, [race]? No surprise. The streets are still dirty, [Name]'s back still hurts. Nothing ever changes in [city name].

Few people talk to [Name] more than once, [race]. Most thinks I'm crazy. Maybe you're crazy too.

What do you want from [Name] this time, [race]? Directions? Gossip? I'll tell you what I know... which isn't much.

Hello again, [race]. How can [Name] the street sweeper help a [race] like you?



Hello there, [race], I am [Name], the finest personnel agent in [province]. Are you interested in something male, female, non-human, what? You're looking for something else?

Who do you think I am, [race]? None other than [Name], procurer of the most loyal, um, workers money can buy. You don't look much like a buyer, kid.

I'm [Name], and I'm a flesh peddler. It's not very noble, but somebody's gotta do it. So, what do you want?

Good day, [race], I'm [Name], Slaver Extraordinaire. Please don't talk to the merchandise. Can I interest you in some goblins? Two for the price of one.

The slaves can't talk, [race]. If you wanna do business, do it through me. I'm their, ah, agent, [Name]. Pleased to meetcha.


Oh, it's you again, you. Please don't touch the merchandise. Remember the motto of [Name], you break it, you bought it.

Didn't I tell you before not to touch the slaves? If you want to talk to someone, talk to me, [Name]. So what can I help you with, kid?

Hello again, [race]. Not too morally offended by my trade to come back, are you? Don't sweat about it. What can [Name], esquire, do for you?

Listen, [race], you may not like what I do, but I'm [Name], a businessman. I can't spend all my time talking with [race] kids like you.

Interested in someone up there this time, kid? Or do you just wanna pump [Name] for information? I guess I already knew that one



There are also many "generic" occupations in Arena. NPCs belonging to these professions do not have custom sprites, and they introduce themselves based on a madlib intro rather than one custom to their class.

Generic Greetings

Greetings, I am [Name], a [occupation]. I [occupation description].

They call me [Name] the [occupation]. I [occupation description].

I am called [Name], the [settlement type] [occupation]. You know, I [occupation description].

You can call me [Name]. I am a [occupation], you know, I [occupation description].

You can call me [Name]. I am a [occupation]. I [occupation description].

We haven't met, have we? I'm [Name], the [occupation]. I [occupation description].

Good day, [race]. My name is [Name] the [settlement type] [occupation]. I [occupation description].

I am named [Name]. I'm a [occupation] and I [occupation description].

Greetings, [race]. I'm [Name], a typical [occupation], and I [occupation description].

My name is [Name], the [occupation]. I [occupation description].

Generic re-greetings

I'm [Name]. Remember? The [occupation]?

[Exclamation], how soon they forget. I'm [Name], the friendly [occupation].

I'm [Name] the [occupation], remember?

I remember you, [race]. I'm the [occupation] [Name]

Can't remember, young [race]? I'm a [occupation] by name of [Name].

[Exclamation], talk about a short memory. [Name] the [occupation], at your service.

[Exclamation], you forgot already? I'm [Name], a [occupation] with a good memory.

I'm the [race] and you're [Name] the [occupation], or the other way around.

We've already met, [race]. I'm [Name] the [occupation], remember?

Good to see you again, [race]. [Name] the [occupation], remember me?


Occupations and their descriptions

These are filled into the above greetings to complete a character's introduction. The inconsistent capitalization has been preserved exactly as it appeared in the game.


record the deeds of great warriors
honestly think I have the dullest job in the world
copy the words of the greatest poets of [province]


do whate'er needs to be done
run errands around town for my master
used to be a successful merchant myself


play several different musical instruments
am writing my own symphony for the [title]
may be playing at the imperial palace next year


trade commodities
am raising my son to take my place
only wish business in this [settlement type] was better


am preparing nature-worshipping disciples
just found the perfect human sacrifice
am conducting services in the park tonight


conduct prayer services
am attempting to find converts
cannot believe I just broke my vow of silence!


lead a group of acolytes
am very concerned about the moral climate of this [settlement type]
am part of the [title]'s Circle of Elders


am making plans to protect the surrounding woodlands
just led an adventuring party through the wilds of [province]
love running naked through the wilderness


am one of the [title]'s private bodyguards
keep the meaner element out of the [tavern name]
work for the owner of [store name]


study black arts theory at the Mages' Guild
really am more of a magician than a true mage
am one of the authorities on ethereal travel


rough people up, you know
particularly love to beat up [race] kids
possess a membership to the Wharf Rats syndicate


try to avoid work of any kind
am happy to be out of the asylum
might or might not be undercover


quite frankly steal things
was thinking about picking this [race]'s pockets
mean, a chef


kill whoever deserves killing
just finished my last assignment
mean an assembler ... a factory assembler


am sorta a jack of all trades
just got back from the [title]'s mother's bedroom
don't do much, and I do it well


sing songs of lost love and great deeds
think I might get to perform at the [title]'s court this week
just might write a tune about you, [race]


research certain rather obscure historic situations
have been hired to write the story of [title][ruler name]'s family
fear I smell a little of library dust


work in the [title]'s gardens
have got the dirty hands to prove it
have recently been hired by the [temple] for their gardens

animal handler

train and board all sorts of domestic and exotic animals
spend most of my day with horses
don't really like humans, especially [race] ones, all that much


put hexes on people
mean, not the wicked kind
think you just stepped on my familiar - no, never mind


brought fresh wild beasties to the [tavern name]
just killed a ten-point buck, you bet
just like to be out in nature, you know, killing things


gauge public opinion on political issues
am a junior member of the [title]'s Circle of Elders
welcome you to [city name 2], I mean, [city name]


am a co-owner of the [tavern name]
run a tavern in this [settlement type]
own the [tavern name], you know, with my partners


serve ale at the [tavern name]
keep the boys from gettin' thirsty at the [tavern name]
guess I'm every fellow's best friend at the [tavern name]


prepare the harvest grapes into the finest wine
make the wine they serve at the [tavern name]
make the godawful wine they serve in the [temple]'s service


cook and stuff
assist [title][ruler name]'s head chef, thank you very much
slop gruel for the dears souls at the [temple]


make the best armor you ever seen
recommend you see my work at [store name]
prefer that over amourer, and armormor. You know, armorer


was just commissioned to paint a portrait of the [title]
like to work best in oils
will be making a frieze for the [temple] next month


work in [title][ruler name]'s land right outside
think I saw you tromping through my fields a while back
don't make it into town very often


have brought some fresh fish I caught
guess you could tell from my smell
was just shopping for a new, bigger net


make necklaces, rings, and bracelets
have made jewelery for [title][ruler name]'s mother before
can spot a fake diamond at 20 paces


tan animal hides to make leather armor
do some of the leather items at equipment stores in town
do a lot of work for the Thieves' Guild and Wharf Rats


do woodworking
just got finished with some repairs over at the temple
do odd work, some of it for [title][ruler name]'s family


am preparing for a journey through the Blue Divide
could tell you a thing or two about the lands beyond Tamriel
hate to admit it, but I'm a little lost


am on shoreleave, visiting relatives
spend most of my time drunk
spent my first twenty-five years on the sea


create sailing vessels of every description
have never actually been out to sea
actually worked on the Emperor's armada


make all kinds of clothing
was part of the staff who designed the [title]'s mother's coronation gown
sew, stitch, make alterations, you know, stuff like that


sell raw skins to the [settlement type]'s tanners
spend most of my time out in the wild
invented a new peeling process for beavers


serve the [title] of [city name]'s private needs
work for some of the wealthiest family in [city name]
have worked for the [title]'s family for years


am running a scientific laboratory
have succeeded in turning gold into lead, unfortunately
have been hired to do research at the Mages' Guild


train several blacksmith apprentices
am employed at [store name]
do some of the repairs at [store name], just around here


do research at the Mages' Guild
am under a grant with the [temple] to do religious work
collect human knowledge


run a wealthy nobleman's household
help take care of [title][ruler name]'s children
make myself indispensable to the [title] of [city name], I think


do, I admit, basically nothing all day long
attend balls, receptions, and parties, week after week
collect an allowance from daddy and mummy


make predictions and forecasts for [title][ruler name] at the palace
knew you would talk to me
just got hired by the [temple] to find out their future


look out after the needs of the working class
act as go-between between my people and the [title] while tensions are high
had to kill a lot of people to get to where I am today


am in training with the blacksmiths at [store name], learning by practice
do all the work and get all the blame
try not to work any harder than I have to


have been repairing some stonework at the [temple] temple all day
think I have a chance to work on the [title]'s palace
basically do general repair work on stone all around the city


train the mighty birds of prey
hope to work someday in the emperor's aviaries
even keep some of the [title]'s birds in my house


run some local businesses, like the [tavern name]and [store name] just around here
run several inns in the [settlement type] with my partner
am partners with some gentlemen for the ownership of some inns in town


bake bread
make muffins, cookies, cakes, and breads
prepare pastries for [title][ruler name]'s sweet tooth


help prepare meat for [title][ruler name]'s banquets
chop up huge carcasses into bite-sized bits
just delivered some great-looking mutton


cut hair
run a little barber shop down the street from here
share responsibility for the [title] of [city name]'s new coiffure


make shoes, boots, and sandals
work over at [store name], cleaning up
do exactly that, I make boots


provide vegetables and fruits for the [title] of [city name]'s table
act as agent for several of the farmers in the region
run a little vegetable shack down the road a bit


just mend pots and pans
do a little of this and a little of that
guess I'm sorta a fix-it-up person


make loans, determine credit, and hold people's money safely
try to make a few gold pieces any way I can
have little interest ... sorry, that was a terrible joke


make certain people pay the money they owe
have a very, very loyal clientele
once even loaned some gold to the [title] - and I'm still waiting


make little golden knick-knacks
create necklaces, rings, bracelets, even an occasional piece of armor
make baubles and ornaments for the idle rich


make silver weapons, even occasionally a mithril one
hope to one day be an Ebonysmith
spend most of my time fighting tarnish


make tapestries for temples and palaces
was just out shopping for a new loom
hope to be hired to make a new tapestry for the palace


am teaching my apprentices to make glass bowls and goblets
do just that - I blow glass
worked on the chandelier over at the [title]'s palace


have been constructing some interior woodwork at the palace
have to tell you, the world is full of dryrot
wish people in [city name] had more taste for ornamental mouldings


run a school here
think I might get a grant from the [title] for my research
have been battling illiteracy in [city name]


have been recently hired to do translations for various temples
am working on a translation of Dark Elvish poetry
speak thy language fluently


make potions and poisons of every description
just got a contract to make drugs for the Mages' Guild
try all my drugs on myself before selling them to others


heal the sick, at least, those who are rich
do not get nearly as much healing business as I thought
just got over a bit of a cold myself


am afraid I am just a low-level secretary
do mostly legal stuff for different organization
suppose you noticed my ink-smudged hands


move around a lot, but right now I'm working for the [title] doing odd things
got into [city name] a little while ago, looking for some excitement
guess you could say I'm a killer for hire


lock up suspicious-looking [race] adventurers all the time
keep the [city name] prison the cleanest in [province], perhaps in all of Tamriel
was just thinking about starting a prison choir group


have the ability to read the future in the stars
make predictions for both the [title] and the [temple] when needed
really am a terrible fake, to tell the truth


bring the Imperial word to this [settlement type]'s [title], when summoned
started off as a mere courtier from [city name 2], now I work for the Emperor
have been in conference with [title][ruler name] all day long


see that [title][ruler name]'s word is heard in [city name], so that we all know the laws..
am sorry my voice is so hoarse
have been running back and forth from palace to town square all day


write light verse and important sonnets
don't have very many friends
actually have had a few poems privately published


am due to appear at the [city name] theatre next week
tend to play the part of enchanted princesses and fairies
have been told I'm extremely self-absorbed


have been working on my newest historical comi-tragedy
might get my new play at the palace
think I might do something based on [title][ruler name]'s life, a comedy maybe


work in the fields for basically no pay
like to think of myself as a victim of the feudal system
smell like a workhorse, as I guess you've noticed


sweat like an animal day in and day out
have calluses the size of saddle bags on my hands
work my heart out during the harvest and starve in the winter


find out what strangers like you know over at the [settlement type] prison
have a particular talent for removing the human tongue slowly
used to work in the palace, now I'm at the [city name] prison

toll collector

make certain the proper taxes are being paid
just received word of a new imperial excise tax
assume you've already paid thy visitor's tax


serve as advisor, counselor, and prophet to [title][ruler name], whenever asked
make auguries and sacrifices at the [temple] for the [title] when needed
see things behind my eyes and they come to be


have just been commissioned to make a series of statues
did that statue of the naked man down the street
have been doing bas-reliefs at the [temple] - you ought to see them


craft objects, weapons and armor mostly, from ebony
work exclusively for [store name], of course
actually let my apprentices to most of the dirty work


am postulating a new geometry
have been amusing myself with some crypto-algebra, you know
help instruct [title][ruler name]'s children as one of the private tutors


drive malevolent spirits from the bodies of men
work as one of the healers in the [temple], until I can start my own practice
battle demons and spirits from the netherworld daily


am giving a dance performance next week
will be part of the troupe doing the traditional [province] dance
would appreciate it if you'd get off my toe, thank you


am on my way to lead some adventurers through the wilderness
can locate a toad in a field of frogs
know the [province] wilderness like my own backyard


prepare medicinal herb and spice preparations
just got out of the [city name] prisons for growing some illegal herbs
just sold my entire nightshade harvest to the Mages' Guild


am enrolled at a college here in [city name], but only during the winter
study all of the classic literature of [province], so someday I'll travel
drink a lot, study a little


am writing a major epistemological tract
was called one of the ten most influential logicians in [province] last year
think, therefore I earn


smite the enemies of the gods
release those who doubt the holy word of the [temple], through death
have a lot of free time and a lot of anger


am organizing a group of fellow pilgrims
thought that [city name] would be a tolerant [settlement type], but I think I was wrong
am going to a [temple] shrine on the [province] border


kinda have a thing for sheep
left my flocks out in the meadowlands with my brother
guess I'm a little bit of a bumpkin


carry my master's armor and weapons when he's not using them
expect I'll probably be a warrior myself some day
seem to have lost sight of my master in this crowd


repair shoes and boots
work over at [store name], repairing shoes and boots
have to admit I spend most of my day daydreaming


sell to people who can't afford my goods
run a few almost legal commodities from [city name] to [city name 2]
sell stuff, you know, nothing you'd be interested in


mash grains into flour, which in turn is made into bread
hope my son will take over my business when he is old enough
make almost half of the meal and flour used in this place


mostly travel around, doing odd jobs
go wherever my spirit moves me
believe that freedom is more important than anything else


do practically everything over at the [tavern name], with a smile
haven't had a vacation in years, even to [city name 2] which is quite close by
hope you'll come to my place, it's called the [tavern name] and it's in town


suffer from a malady that brings great amusement to others
enjoy drooling, nonsense words, and, of course, walking in circles
am completely mad


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