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Forum Scholars Guild


Important: The information presented in this section is made by fans of the Elder Scrolls series. This means that everything presented here is not an official document and shouldn't be viewed as such.

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This is a guild devoted to the intelligent discussion of Elder Scrolls games and lore. Everyone is welcome to join and submit articles, however you should be aware of our simple guidelines:
  • The text must be well-written on the level of grammar, spelling and structure.
  • The primary aim of the text should be to clarify. Therefore, it should be concise and intelligible. Avoid complicated terminology, overly long discourses or archaic language and clearly cite your sources. Always write with a layman in mind. This will greatly increase the quality of your text.
  • Avoid creating new knowledge. Explain and synthesize only what the sources say or try to say. Do not interpret little evidence in a way to support a large personal theory. If the sources do not suggest it in a reasonably direct way, you are probably inventing it.
  • Your text can be written in-character if you want, but out-of-character is certainly also allowed and in many cases perhaps advisable.
  • Overviews of a certain topic are allowed, but only if the information is scattered across many sources and is not already accessible in a single document.

This is a step-by-step of how to join FSG and post an article in this section:
  1. Create a decent article and post it in our FSG forum. Let people read and make comments.
  2. Edit the article accordingly, if needed.
  3. If you’re satisfied with the result, contact one of our Assistants or Librarians via Private Message. Notify them of your article.
  4. The Librarians will discuss your article to determine an outcome:
    1. Approved
    2. Needs Revision  [Comments and suggestions will be given.]
    3. Rejected  [Reason for rejection will be stated.]
  5. If Approved, you will be granted access by one of the Librarians to a book page in the FSG section to create your article.  Please read the Posting Standardization if you haven't done so already.
  6. Copy and paste your article from FSG forum into the new book page.  Please note that book content doesn’t accept comments; therefore, people cannot comment your new article.
  7. Once your FSG article has been completed, you will continue to have access to its content.  Feel free to revise and edit your work as needed.

 *Note: On some, rare occasions, FSG articles may be promoted to the main site.