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The Infernal City

Today we have a new interview with Greg Keyes, the author of the Elder Scrolls Novel: The Infernal City. Many thanks to Greg Keyes for answering our questions and also to Gstaff to facilitating the interview. Enjoy...

Other than that, we haven't officially announced the new section in the library, which is Lady N's Lore notes of The Infernal City. So here we are, the topic of today is the Infernal City. Try to discuss more about the book and its lore in the forum thread here: Infernal Takeaways.

New Librarian!

Yeah, you read it right. We have a new librarian. Lady Nerevar has decided to join the librarians here in TIL. Thanks to Lady N and congratulation!

The work to move the content of TIL to the new system is still ongoing. If you want to know what contents have been moved, please check this thread. For each section that has been moved, we update the thread. Also, this new system is not totally bullet proof, some issues show up from time-to-time. Feel free to report the problem, issue or anything unpleasant in this thread.

Okay, now... back to work.


Just want to make an update. Currently we have moved about 75% of the content to the Drupal system. All in-game books and the Pocket Guides have been moved. While moving the content, in some part, we added some new items, such as the introduction movie and ending movie in some of TES Storylines. Also, in Pocket Guides, we added the arts from the printed book.

At this rate, I hope the process of moving will be done next week.


Thank you for your patience and support over the weeks.  We have decided to open our doors, even though we haven't finished.  We didn't realize just how much amazing things we had on our bookshelves.  When we went to move it, we discovered just how daunting a task it was. TIL is not just a library, it's also a museum of The Elder Scrolls, and we have collected things since 1998 to these days.

Our goal is to continue to update over the next few weeks until we have finished. What you see here is a work-in-progress. Our final design probably will be different from what you see here, but rest assured, all of the wonderful material from Bethesda will remain in its full glory.