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Special Edition Podcast: Todd Howard Skyrim Q&A

Check out Game Informer's Q&A with Todd Howard.  There's some really great questions with some equally great answers!

Inside Skyrim's Menu System Overhaul

Are you curious to know how the menu system has been completely overhauled in Skyrim?  Game informer gives us a look Inside Skyrim's Menu System.

The Art of Skyrim

In the latest Game Informer video, Matt Carofano, the Art Director on TES V, provides a look at The Art of Skyrim.

Skyrim: Building Better Combat

The latest Game Informer article takes an in-depth look at Skyrim's combat system. Learn about Taking Up The Blade, Conjuring Better Spell Casting, and Dealing Damage From The Shadows.

The Elder Scrolls: V Desktop Wallpapers

Skyrim’s Dragon Shouts

"The ability to use the dragon language already exists in the fiction, called 'Thu'um.' The concept roughly translates as 'The Voice.'"

Need we say more?!?!  I guess we don't have to if you read the latest article from Game Informer.

Skyrim: The Time-Lapse Video

Here's a brief video from Game Informer illustrating a concept art process.  The time-lapse video of the illustrator, Ray Lederer, has been sped-up and is accompanied by a new piece of music from Skyrim composed by Jeremy Soule.

The Technology Behind Skyrim

Head on over to Game Informer to learn about the Technology Behind Skyrim.  Read about the Creation Engine, Radiant AI technology, Havok Behavior, and the Radiant Story systems utilized in TES: V.

The Sounds Of Skyrim

Listen to the Sounds of Skyrim.  In this four-piece video selection presented by Game Informer, take a look at sound design and sound effects, early voice recording, the challenges of creating audio for the dragons and the dragon shouts, and the musical score composed by Jeremy Soule.

Road To Skyrim: The Todd Howard Interview

Game Informer has come through yet again.  This time they deliver an interview with Todd Howard.