Zaria’s Note from [Jarl]

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

This book was included in Fishing from the Creation Club


I have a matter that requires your skills as an apothecary.

I’ve received reports of skooma having gone missing from the evidence chest. There have also been mentions of one particular member of the guard neglecting his duties. I believe these to be related.

This is where I require your talents. I request that you brew an invisibility potion, and then pour it into an empty bottle of skooma. Then, find someone whom you trust to deliver the disguised potion to the layabout always seen lounging in the barracks.

If my suspicions are correct, he will consume the potion and be in for quite a scare. Hopefully this will set him back on a more honorable path. I look forward to your help in resolving this embarassing ordeal. Please grant the enclosed ring to whomever you trust with delivering the potion. I am sure that it will more than cover the expense of their effort.

— [Jarl]

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