Words and Power Questions

Author: Telenger the Artificer
Released In:

July 3rd, 2014

I have always been fascinated by enchanting and soul gems in particular. Is it possible to utilize the souls in Soul Gems in other ways than powering enchantments and spells? Could one extract the soul and manipulate it outside of the gem? Surely it is the intent of Molag Bal to use the power of soul magic—so why can we not do the same? – Araeynir Fireheart

Telenger the Artificer says: “Though there is currently a great deal of investigation into soul-trapping and soul-manipulation occurring on continental Tamriel, as an Altmer I cannot in good conscience condone such experiments, which in the Summerset Isles would be rightfully banned as darkest necromancy. I advise you to turn the fire in your heart to other, brighter pursuits.”

I am a humble Breton battlemage who has only recently started learning the art of Enchanting. My search for runes is slow going, even with the assistance of a hireling. I find I am often lacking in aspect runes. On the opposing side of the spectrum, I have an over-abundance of essence runes. I have a number of potency runes, but they are beyond my level of comprehension. Have you any recommendations for learning this art more quickly? – Marola Eponine

Telenger the Artificer says: “Ah, you young Bretons – sometimes talented, but always hasty! My advice is to seek out the companionship of others with the same interests to form a society of mutual support – an enchanters’ guild, if you will. In this way, you will be able to pursue different approaches simultaneously, and all will benefit from the resulting knowledge. You will also be able to trade runes amongst yourselves.”

I read with great interest your volume on the “Enigma of the Runestones,” certainly the most comprehensive account to date on this fascinating topic. I would be interested in knowing more about the words associated with the runestones. What language are they? I am aware of the theory proposed by Nolin the Many-Hued, according to which runestones would be the result of an Ayleid wizard's experiment. And yet the Ayleid word for “fire” is “molag,” whereas the essence runestone associated with fire is “rakeipa.” And what is your personal opinion on the origin of runestones? – Salagar Feynn, Evermore Mages Guild

Telenger the Artificer says: “A fascinating question, which I myself have spent some time researching. Study of the runes shows that they are made of repeating figures, each of which is expressed as a verbal syllable: thus ‘Jora,’ the trifling rune that translates as ‘develop,’ combines the two angled slashes that we know as ‘jo’ and ‘ra.’ When ‘je’ is added, the result is ‘Jejora,’ the slight rune that means ‘raise.’

“So the rune names clearly form a language that is coherent and consistent, if limited. The question is, What language is it? This is where we begin to run out of answers, as the rune-language seems to derive from no known historic or pre-dawn culture. My personal best guess is that it is a language that was entirely invented by some Dawn Era enchanter or school of enchanters who left no other record of their existence than the spread of runestones across Tamriel.”

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