Loremasters Archive Q&A

Tamriel’s Dungeons

Dhulef of the Mages Guild answers your questions surrounding the many varied and dangerous dungeons found during Tamriel’s Second Era. Hey there, mates! It’s an honor and a pleasure to answer questions about my recent adventures at Graven Deep and some of the more notable ruins across Tamriel. I’ve borrowed an enchanted dictation quill from […]

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The Druid Circles of Galen

Learn about the Druid Circles of Galen as Laurel of the Stonelore answers the ESO community’s questions in a new Loremaster’s Archive! Clear paths and warm days, friends. My name is Laurel, Druid of the Stonelore Circle. It’s not often followers of the True Way are able to address such an eager audience, to discuss

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House Telvanni

Gain greater insight into the mysterious and powerful House Telvanni with an all-new Loremaster’s Archive from the great sorcerer Divayth Fyr himself! I am Divayth Fyr. Greatest mage of our era, master of extra-planar travel, renowned scholar of Daedric artifacts, and generous patron to the University of Gwylim. I have been asked as part of

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The Arcanists

Azandar al-Cybiades shares his knowledge concerning the Arcanists and their connection to the mysterious realm of Apocrypha in a new Loremaster’s Archive. Salutations, sagacious sojourner. And welcome to a distillation of all things arcanist. I have the distinct pleasure of being your scholar-in-residence for this discussion. I have been eagerly anticipating my opportunity to clarify

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Infinite Archive

Originally published 10/27/2023, see the original here. This Loremasters Archive was not accompanied by a book. Master Malkhest shares his knowledge of Apocrypha’s Infinite Archive in an all-new Loremaster’s Archive. My name is Malkhest, and I am Master of the Infinite Archive. I was honestly quite surprised to discover the offer to participate from Antiquarian

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