Viriya’s Hastily Written Letter

Released In:
Author (in-game): Viriya

Viriya This book was included in Fishing from the Creation Club

[Player Name],

I need your help.

I was sent an urgent letter by [Jarl] of Dawnstar. It would seem that the frenzied mudcrabs you defeated not long ago have reappeared, and are more fierce than ever. Guards were sent to clear them out. When they arrived, the reports of the battle defy belief. They said that a ghostly apparition rose from the sea before they fled in terror. Reinforcements are said to be on their way.

Could it be? I suppose it’s possible…

Forgive my idle rambling. I am leaving Riften for the shores west of Dawnstar; I have a terrible feeling about this. We will make our stand near the fishing shack.

It’s been ages since I swung a blade. I hope I still remember how.

— Viriya

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