Update Roundup: April 2019

May 3, 2019
Written by: Lady Nerevar

Lots of texts were added to the Library this past month. In case you don’t follow us on Discord or social media, here’s a sampling of the updates: 

  • Faction introductions found on the old elderscrollsonline.com. Thanks to Benefactor for bringing these (and the other missing ESO out of game texts below) to my attention. 
  • Texts from the ESO Interactive Map found on the old official site. These little snippets did not make it into the game itself. There are a lot of them, so we’ve divided them based on the region that they appeared. 
  • Texts relating to the “Nameless Mage” contest, which resulted in the character of Malkur Valos. 
  • Promotional letters from Queen Ayrenn and Abnur Tharn, sent to community members in the real world to promote Summerset and the Year of the Dragon. 
  • Transcription of the ESO Live episode featuring the new Loremaster, Leamon Tuttle. TIL and myself get a nice shoutout, by which we’re eternally humbled. Accompanying that, we’ve also reposted UESP’s interview with him
  • Elder Scrolls Blades storyline – while this one was technically the tail end of March, it’s still worth a mention. The majority of the story is now online, with the final chapter currently in progress. 
  • And, finally, Todd’s Skyrim notes. Also technically from March, this small document is a fascinating look at where Skyrim began and how it changed through production. 

With Elsweyr on the horizon, May is going to be a big month for lovers of Khajiit, dragons, and necromancy. We can’t wait for all the juicy lore the Chapter has in store! 

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