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This is the information about Tobias from the official Redguard website:

"I hope this letter finds your hands, friend. My latest travels have brought me to Stros M'kai and no one here has seen your sister for 3 months. I fear the worst. I feel obligated to stay for a few weeks. I'll be at the Draggin Tale Inn, should you return..."

Name: Tobias
Age: 57 (born 2E 807)
Race: Cyro-Nordic
Province of Birth: Cyrodiil (Colovian West)
Occupation: Merchant

Tobias was born in the Colovian west, near the battlefield of Sancre Tor. His Nordic father, Borgas, had served as the captain of the House Guard of Far Falkreath Estate, a merchant family with ties to the Holds of Skyrim. Borgas eventually married a Colovian daughter, but died in the Sack of Old Hrol'dan scarcely two years later. Tobias grew up with stories and romantic notions of his "father's fair Skyrim," a land of savagery and battle far different than the relatively civilized Colovian west. As soon as he could, he traveled to Haafingar to serve as a marine in the Longboat Legions of the Wulfharth Heirs. Ultimately, he deserted the ranks and became a smuggler, working the runs of the Iliac Bay. At Sentinel he met Cyrus, a Redguard lad who had long dreamed of leaving Hammerfell to sail the seas. When Cyrus killed Iszara's husband, Tobias took him in….

After the Raid on Tear, Cyrus and Tobias went their separate ways, keeping in touch only through their mutual fixer, the khajiit S'rathra. Tobias' most recent message to Cyrus comes from Stros M'kai, the island principality where the Redguards fell to the Empire, and where Iszara had relocated to after Baron Volag's Purge of the north.

Tobias met Cyrus in the tavern of Dreekius, the Draggin Tale inn. He helped Cyrus by giving more information about the missing Iszara, and then he left Stros M"Kai.