Sick Soup

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This isn’t the best tasting soup, but it sure clears your head up when you’re sick, and I always miss how my mom used to make it. First you need two pots of boiling water. It’s very important to use two pots, and get the water boiling in both before adding anything.

In the first pot add chokeweed and wait until it’s soft. It takes a while. In the second pot, add some muck and wait until it all mixes in the water and none of it is separate.

Take both off the heat and let them cool a bit, but when they’re still steaming just a little, mix them together and stir really hard. It thickens up for a bit, so you have to stir it real hard and keep stirring. Just keep stirring until it starts to become a liquid again.

Then you mix in some salt and red lichen and stir it again. Now you’re done if you need to be done, but to make it easier to eat, you might want to add in some hound meat strips and cook those in the mix and maybe some comberry or trama root for a little different flavor than the muck.

Eat this and you’ll be feeling better in no time, I guarantee!

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