Report on Atronach Forge Experiments

Released In:
Author (in-game): Enthir

Book added by Saints and Seducers From the Creation Club

Finally, the laggard has conducted the experiments I requested weeks ago. Thankfully, my investment has paid dividends.

The scrolls should prove useful to the Saints and Seducers, should they ever get in over their heads with the caravan guards.

I begin to wonder what would happen if my prized Sheogorath-shaped amber were used in the place of… no, it’s too risky.



Using the “amber” and “madness ore” you provided in your last delivery, I have conducted the experiments you requested. I must say, the results were quite extraordinary.

Listed are the successful attempts using these materials with the Atronach Forge.

Let us speak again soon. If you could provide more of these materials, I sense a handsomely profitable partnership in our future.

— Enthir

Summoned Golden Saint Amber + Emerald

Summoned Dark Seducer Madness + Garnet

(Warning: Very dangerous!)

Scroll of Conjure Golden Saint


Roll of Paper


Scroll of Conjure Dark Seducer


Roll of Paper


Spell Tome: Conjure Golden Saint


Ruined Book

Bliss Bug Thorax

Sabre Cat Pelt

Spell Tome: Conjure Dark Seducer


Ruined Book

Screaming Maw

Wolf Pelt

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