TES2 Daggerfall: Mantella

Released In:

As you’ve been advised, you visit Nulfaga in her castle, Shedungent. She might be mad and cryptic, but this time she puts it straight:

Only Crowned Heads will hold the Totem True
First is One Who Killed, But Did Not Kill Another
Second is One Who Is Two Devoured By Its Young
Third is One Who Made One Slave and Many Free
Fourth and Fifth are Two Who Compete for Mud
Sixth is One Who Brings a Home to the Homeless
Seventh is One Who Lords All, But Does Not Lord At All

I do not know who of these seven is most worthy of the Power, for too long have I let my passions make me mad. Sometimes the fate of a world hang on the decision of one person. You have choosen who will command great Numidium. You bear the burden for the consequences.

I send you now to the Mantellan Crux, the safeguarded prison of the Mantella. Look for a green jewel of unusual size. Merely touch the Mantella and it is freed. You will be transported back to my side.

Let’s try to decipher. Forth and Fifth are Daggerfall and Sentinel, I guess, and the competition for mud is the reference to the War of Betony. Sixth is, most likely, Gortwog, since Orcs don’t have a homeland and he tries to create one. First is probably the Emperor, or Septim dynasty in general, and the line refers to how Zurin Arctus was killed. Second must be Wayrest, and the line refers to how the young princes are eager to rule themselves. Seventh and Third remain; I would assume that Seventh is King of Worms, since he eventually lords all (when they die), but has no or little power over the living. This makes Third a reference to Underking. Quite vague it is. Maybe “one slave” is himself, but I’m not sure who is “many free”… Obscure.

Nevertheless, after uttering this Nulfaga transports you to Mantellan Crux. When you retrieve the Mantella, a cutscene plays. There are seven cutscenes total however, only one would be played and that depends on the faction that you gave the totem.

That’s it, the seemingly endless story of Daggerfall is over.

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