TES2 Daggerfall: The Ending

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There are seven possible endings to Daggerfall, one for each faction to whom you can give the Numidium. Each of the ending cinematics starts the same, and has special narration at the end.

The Blades

The great Numidium, its raw power tempered only by the Blades, crushes all the rebellious children of the Empire, destroying their armies.


The great Numidium comes to the call of the Dragon of Daggerfall. The armies of Sentinel and Wayrest fall like scattered leaves, leaving Daggerfall still in control of the Iliac Bay

King of Worms

The Mantella is hurled from Aetherius. Although drawn to the empty chest of great Numidium, the will of the King of Worms commands it to his side. With its power the King of Worms leaves his mortal frame and joins the ranks of the Gods of Oblivion.


Under the command Gortwog, Numidium destroys the other powers of Iliac Bay: Daggerfall, Sentinal and Wayrest. The new orcish homeland is carved out for Orsinium. And the Empire will never be able to dispute Gorthwog’s claim to orcish equality.


The Mantella is released from the Atherius and at the command of Sentinel draws forth great Numidium. The other powers of Iliac Bay are swept aside like children’s toys. Placing the White Moon of Sentinel ascendancy over the Iliac Bay.

The Underking

Centuries of undead sleep are shaken off, rousing the Underking. No mortal force could stop his faithful reunion with the ghost of his heart. And he joins with it in an all consuming fiery embrace. And for just one moment he is flesh and blood and blessed death is granted to Tiber Septim’s Battlemage.


King Eadwyre of Wayrest, traitor to the Empire, commands great Numidium to destroy his enemies. Daggerfall and Sentinel fall first, leaving Wayrest in complete control of Iliac Bay.

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