Maluril’s Journal

Author: Maluril
Released In:

Lucky to have talked my way out of the gates at Bruma. Time to leave Cyrodiil.

Skyrim, not so bad if you don’t mind the smell of mammoth. Maybe I can forget the research, forget the contract. The air is clean here.

Caravan brought questions with it. They’ll catch up sooner or later. Money won’t do any good. Need some dwarven junk to pacify them, but how?

Markarth was promising, but locked up tight and I’m no thief. Need to find another way.

Highwaymen killed the driver and tried to rob me. Vivec must have been with me, managed to talk them into working for me to excavate dwarven ruins they are camped in. Safer than the cities anyway.

These bandits are thick, but nobody’s going to find me down here. Actually found some artifacts, must try to find a buyer. Maybe I’ll actually make enough coin to pay these fools what I’ve promised for their labor.

Can’t go to Markarth again. Staying in the ruins for now. What’s my next move?

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