List of Rainy Weather Fish

Author: Anonymous
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This book was included in Fishing from the Creation Club

I’ve hit a string of bad luck. No matter how hard I try, the fish do not bite. My memory fails me, like a goldfish. The whole thing is bad for business.

Of course, there’s a logical explanation for all of it. I’ve lost my lucky fishing hat! I once had a priestess of Kynareth bless it for good fortune. You may not believe it, but I swear that it rains whenever I go fishing while wearing it. It’s true! Oh, how I miss it. The rain did wonders for my scales. A high wind blew it off my head and into the water on my last fishing trip just west of Sarethi Farm. Perhaps you could find it?

Speaking of rain, the fish for your next challenge are only found on a rainy day:

Pygmy Sunfish

The second volume of Fishing Mastery has details on these peculiar fish.

Good luck. I can’t wait for these wonderful fish, and for my hat to return to its rightful place on the top of my head.

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