Letter from Tyra Blood-Fire

Released In:
Author (in-game): Tyra Blood-Fire

Librarian Note:

Book added by Alternative Armor – Ebony Plate from the Creation Club

My name is Tyra Blood-Fire. Like Sottilde the Wet Ear before me, I am an orphan child of Balmora. Many years ago, I took a band of misfits and rogues and turned them into the Crimson Dirks. In our heyday, they called us thieves, bandits, apostates and killers. And they were right. We were all of those things.

But so is the Jarl who taxes the poor to starvation, the soldiers who rape and pillage the towns, the Empire who would erase our gods, and the guardsman who would behead the innocent.

I know your story. If there’s going to be a judge for me, I don’t want it to be them. Not the Empire, not the East Empire Company, and not the guards. Just you and the Divines.

But first I want you to prove you’re a worthy judge.

Go to the docks in Windhelm. There, you’ll meet a beggar in need of your aid. Some would offer him gold. Others, bread or wine. Offer him the alms you think will best serve him.

Once you have proved your measure and your mercy, you must then show your mettle. I will wait for you at the Talos shrine west of Windhelm.

When at last we meet, I ask that you speak only with your blade. For while the tongue lies, the sword is true.


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