Morrowind Codex: Ingredients

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Alit Hide 
The tough hide of the wild alit makes a serviceable multi-purpose leather. Ashlanders hunt the alit and use their tanned hides as trade goods.

Ash Yam 
Ash yam is a tough tuberous root vegetable with modest magical properties. It grows commonly in the Ascadians Isles region.

Bonemeal is a fine-ground powder from the bones of man-like races. Alchemists have identified its magical properties, and use it in various preparations.

Daedra’s Heart
A daedra’s heart must be removed during the brief period of its appearance on the mortal plane. The daedra’s heart has modest magical properties, but, since removing the heart is generally fatal to the specimen, the substance is rare and expensive.

Corkbulb Root
Corkbulb trees are grown for their tough, fibrous roots which have modest magical properties. On Vvardenfell corkbulb root is used in place of wood, since trees won’t grow in this harsh environment. Corkbulb grows best in the Ascadian Isles.

Fire Petals
Fire petals have modest magical properties, and are collected from the fire fern plant that grows on Red Mountain, in Molag Mar, and on Azura’s Coast.

The sweet pulp of marshmerrow reeds is a delectable foodstuff, and when eaten fresh or prepared, it has modest healing properties. Marshmerrow is an important cash crop of the farms and plantations of the Ascadian Isles, but it also grows wild in the Grazelands and on Azura’s Coast.

Moon Sugar
Moon sugar is a grainy powder of small white crystals refined from cane grasses of Elsewyr’s coasts and esttuaries. Used as a spice in Elswyr, it has modest magical properties, and is also a potent narcotic, and illegal in Morrowind and the rest of the Empire. Criminals have attempted to grow moon sugar grasses in Vvardenfell, without success.

These smooth, round, lustrous beads are prized for ornamental purposes. The cave collop and other native Morrowind molluscs only occasionally produce pearls; their scarcity increases their market value.

Raw Ebony
Raw ebony is one of the most precious substances in the Empire, and most of the continent’s deposits are here on Vvardenfell. Raw ebony itself is an extremely hard, durable, black glass-like substance, said to be the crystalized blood of the gods. Raw ebony is protected by Imperial law, and may not be mined or exported without an Imperial charter. Ebony smuggling is a profitable but dangerous source of illegal wealth on Vvardenfell.

Saltrice is another of the tasty and nutritious foodstuffs with modest magical properties raised as export crops by Morrowind’s farmers and plantation owners. Most saltrice seen in the Empire comes from southeastern Morrowind, but there are also some new and prospering farms and plantations in the Ascadian Isles. Saltrice also grows wild in the Grazelands and on Azura’s Coast.

Scuttle is Vvardenfell’s favorite local dish. This cheese-like, greasy substance made from the flesh of local beetles is remarkably tasty, and has modest magical properties.

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