Heart’s Day Group Wedding

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The following is the transcription of a roleplay event that took place as part of the 2017 Valentines Day celebration in Elder scrolls Online. It was performed by Lawrence Schick and transcribed by Legoless of the UESP. The original video can be seen here on Twitch.

Gather we now before the eyes and between the hands of Mara, loving mother goddess and goddess of loving another. For to love another is to honor the mother, exalting thereby both mother and mortal.

Gather we here before the loving gaze of loving Mara, to recognize the bond of love between mortals. For only in love is a mortal’s life eternal, and only in the sacred bonds of love can a mortal live forever.

Repeat with me now:
As Mara is life, so life is love.
“As Mara is life, so life is love.”

Acknowledge we now the oaths and vows of those who gather before Mara to pledge their love. For thus these vows become real, as the Divines, through their vows, made real the world around us.

Acknowledge we here the holy truth that love begets life, therefore for these Mara’s love is truth. For those who love multiply the life of the world, and their vows create more life from love.

Repeat with me now:
As Mara gave life, so we give love.
“As Mara gave life, so we give love.”

So respect we now these vows eternal, no matter the nature of those who do love. For the nature of one is the nature of all, and through every heart flows the blood of the Divines.

So respect we here the vows of those gathered, for Mara loves all who do love. For Mara gave life that all may love, and all vows of love we respect in her name.

Repeat with me now:
To respect all life, we respect all love.
“To respect all life, we respect all love.”

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