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Game Data

Librarian Comment: 

This section houses direct exports of texts from the games, including dialogues, menu text, and journal updates. This data has not been altered in any way, and can frequently be messy or difficult to read. Still, it is the best source (short of opening the editor, or playing the game) for quite a bit of information.

While we hope to find a good solution for hosting these in-site, for now they must all be downloaded prior to viewing.

TESI: Arena

Data from Arena, the very first Elder Scrolls game. These files are available directly in the installation directory as .dat and .txt files. Obtained on July 1st from the Good Old Games version of Arena by Lady Nerevar.

Arena ARTFACT1.txt and Arena ARTFACT2.txt - Two files containing messages related to the Artifacts found in Arena. Also documented here.

Arena CITYINTR.txt - City greeting messages from when Arena was still a game about gladiatorial combat. Also documented here.

Arena CITYTXT.txt - Enterance messages for all cities in the game.

Arena DUNGEON.txt - Intro text for the eight dungeons in which the pieces of the Staff of Chaos are hidden.

Arena EQUIP.txt - Merchant dialog for equipment shops

Arena MUGUILD.txt - Merchant dialog for the Mages Guild

Arena TAVERN.txt - Merchant dialog for taverns

Arena SELLING.txt - Generic dialog that triggers when selling items

Arena TEMPLATE.txt - All other text for the game, including description messages for different locations, random NPC dialog, rumors, etc. Most, if not all, of this should be sorted and documented here.

Arena JAGTEMP.txt - A hidden file that explains how the main quest is supposed to work.


TESIII: Morrowind

Data from Morrowind, Tribunal, and Blood Moon, as well as the various Official Plugins once available on the website. Exported from the Construction Set in April 2021 from the Good Old Games version of TESIII:Morrowind Game of the Year Edition.

MorrowindGOTY_Dialog.txt - contains all dialog and journal entries.


TESIV: Oblivion

Data from Oblivion, Shivering Isles, Knights of the Nine, and the various smaller DLCs. Exported from the Construction Set in April 2021 from the Good Old Games version of TESIV:Oblivion Game of the Year Edition Deluxe.

OblivionGOTY_Dialog.txt - dialog spoken by the NPCs. Does not contain the player display text.

OblivionGOTY_QuestStages.txt - journal updates available to the player.


TESV: Skyrim

Data from the Special Edition of Skyrim, including Dragonborn and Dawnguard. Exported from the Creation Kit April 2021 from the Steam version of the game. Provided by Tailin Sero.

SkyrimGOTY_Dialogue.txt - spoken dialog and associated data.

SkyrimGOTY_QuestStages.txt - journal updates available to the player.

SkyrimGOTY_Descriptions.txt - other UI text, including item descriptions, hints, and load screens.


Elder Scrolls Online

Data from Elder Scrolls Online, periodically extracted by Lady Nerevar. Each one is exported using the ESOExtract tool.

ESO_Strings_2016_06_20.csvspreadsheet containing all text from the June 2016 version of the game. Contains a wealth of  alternate/cut content from original game zones as well as alternative versions of early DLCs. Some of this content has been documented here

ESO_Strings_2021_06_06.csv - spreadsheet containing all text from the Live version of the game as of Update 30 (Blackwood chapter). Extracted from the standalone PC version on June 6th 2021. 

TES: Blades

Data from Elder Scrolls:Blades. Extracted from the Android release on April 11th 2021 (version These files may be periodically updated as Blades releases new content. 

Blades_Strings.txt - contains all quest related texts, NPC dialog, and other text assets from the game, in each of its languages.