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These mini articles were posted on the Elder Scrolls: Legends Asia facebook page in 2019 to promote the translation of the game.


“Ahnassi finds it useful to use her enemies’ strength against them.”

Ahnassi is a Khajiit Monk who lived in Pelagiad, Vvardenfell around 3E427. But secretly, she was a Toad of the Thieves Guild as well. In her mind and spirit, she’s a student of the hidden mysteries, of the unseen world. But in her body, she’s a martial artist of the ancient style: Rain of Sand.

Although she only had the lowest rank in the Thieves Guild, she did completed quite a lot of distinguished stealing missions. The Redoran noble and the Telvanni wizard who lived in Vivec, or the Imperial Legion which quartered in Castle Ebonheart, non of them could escape from her theft. Although she didn’t make all of these by her own, instead, she made others help her to did it…

Bangkorai Butcher

“There is strength in unity.”

The border between High Rock and Hammerfell is commonly known as the Bangkorai Pass. The natural rugged and dangerous terrain limited only strong warriors are able to travel through this area, particularly the Orcs. They left their home and come to Bangkorai, uniting together to fight against their common enemy. Cruel Bangkorai Butchers are incredibly skilled fighters, and they are even deadlier when other Orcs are by their side.

Cicero the Betrayer

“…Is there singing inthe Void? Dancing…? Surely the Dread Lord will at least allow poor Cicero to caper…”

A colorful CLOWN! A crazy CLOWN! A loyal KEEPER of the NIGHT MOTHER! A furious BETRAYER of nasty Astrid!

DANCE! CHEER! LAUGH! TO THE SKY! Oh! I’m the knife in the night! Ha! I’m the clown that makes everyone laugh! Hee! I’m the fool that no one can save! Ya! I’m the incarnate of laughter! I! I’m…I’m the poor Cicero who witnessed thousands of deaths, but will never hear the whisper of the Night Mother…

Cicero has seen the deaths of too many brothers, and has lost one and another home. But he will always protect our mother, until we find a truly safe Sanctuary, and meet the true Listeners. And Cicero will always protect them, always keep faith in them. The Dark Brotherhood will never disappear! The laughter from the Void will inspire him. “Need to get Mother some flowers! Pretty, pretty flowers.”

“Whispers in the Dark: Night Mother:

Poor Cicero. Dear Cicero. Such a humble servant. But he will never hear my voice. For he is not the Listener.”

Cliff Racer

Cliff Racer is one of the most notorious creatures in Morrowind, along with reptile relatives such as Cliff Striders are considered hostile and less friendly in comparison with Guar. They had become serious issues to local residents for a long time, until Jiub who came and drove them out of Vvardenfell and made him one of the Saints in Morrowind in 3E427.

Dragontail Savior

“Better odds comes with sweeter victory.”

The north of Hammerfall lies the Dragontail mountains, these places used to be occupied by Nedes and Goblins, but mainly inhabited by Redgards and Orcs nowadays. Due to its complicated terrain, the border area is sought after by many nations, such as the War of the Red Diamond and the War of the Bend’r-mahk were all related to gaining the control over this territory. Although the Orcs did not have large army like the Wrothgar, their determination of willing to sacrifice their lives for their homeland taught everyone a lesson – you can take a lot of things from them, but you can never take away their pride or their homeland.

Earthbone Spinner

“The forest will not suffer your presence.”

Spinners are the priests and historians of Bosmer. They record the past, present, and sometimes even future stories of their people. They have a strong connection with Y’ffre, the main God of the Bosmer religion. Occasionally, they may also serve other gods in their quest for knowledge. Spinners would keep the Bosmeri history, culture, and laws in the form of stories or metaphors. These metaphors are often difficult to comprehend, but they always speak the truth. Spinners also often serve as advisors or bards helping to enforce Green Pact. The most talented ones can even create illusions for their audience, making them have more of an emotional investment in the story.

Eastmarch Crusader

“We’ll hold no matter what!”

Eastmarch, one of the old holds, is located near the eastern border of Skyrim, just west of Morrowind. White River, the longest river in Skyrim, flows into the sea near the hold. In Eastmarch, the harbinger Ysgramor built Windhelm, which allowed the Nords to gain some political power for the first time in history. High King Harald, with the help of his offspring, crusaded upon northern Tamriel and built a vast kingdom. Unlike the Nords in west Skyrim, who have been influenced by the Imperial culture, the Nords in Eastmarch are very traditional and faithful. They don’t only fight for riches or territory, but for their beliefs as well.

Fiery Imp

These small, winged creatures are in fact quite clever. They prefer travelling in flocks, and are certainly not as weak as they seem. When tamed by humans, they can make for a valuable asset in battle. Their origins were unknown, but since they were summoned from Oblivion, we can assume that they are most likely Daedra.

Fifth Legion Trainer

“Training is over, it’s time to act.”

The Imperial Legion is one of the most powerful armies in all of Tamriel. Civilians are highly encouraged to join the Imperial Legion and start a military career. The soldiers go through a vigorous training process, as any powerful army should. The Legion requires its soldiers to be experts in using variety of weapons, fighting with heavy armor, and utilizing different styles of combat. The Fifth Legion once accompanied Emperor Uriel V on a crusade to Akavir. During the Second Era, Captain Lampronius of the Fifth Legion wrote Report: Quality of Recruits, which is a document recommending how healer recruits should be trained.

Golden Saint

The blond hair and solemn look on “Golden Saints’” face is deceiving from fact that they’re far from being real saints. Being a creation and minion of the mad god Sheogorath, a proud, arrogant race, quick to anger and cruel in their punishment. They pay no love to no one, not even to the residents on the Shivering Isles. Although they acknowledge and respond to the name “Golden Saints”, their much preferred to be addressed in their original name – “Aureal”. The strong hierarchy classes in their society were dictated by their level of strength and power, The feminist society also grant more respects to female over male.

Being the creature and minion of the mad god, history had documented their extremely poor relationship and stories with Dark Seducers. More information can be found in the book Saints and Seducers in the DLC Shivering Isles of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Gortwog gro-Nagorm

“For the Glory of the Orsimer.”

Gortwog gro-Nagorm was a legendary orc from the Third Era. He was known as the “Lord of Orsinium” or the “King of the Orcs.” He is remembered as a skilled diplomat and a political genius. He founded the kingdom of Nova Orsinium, finally found Orcs a place to call home. Peace was brought to the land when the Warp in the West occurred at the Illiac Bay in 3E 417. By 3E 432, the Nova Orsinium was finally given the recognition it deserved from the Empire as a kingdom in High Rock.

Master of Thieves

“Together, we will make a fortune!”

Khajiit is often considered the race who loves stealing, robbing and smuggling in Tamriel. Their outlaws stereotype impressions sometimes would cause unfair treatment from others, but there are no doubts that Khajiit indeed have great talents in those shady business. Their agility enables them to climb between walls, the intelligence to deceive the world, and the will to sacrifice anything to survive. All of these qualities help them to become the experts of thieves. Just like the creation myth of Khajiit said, Khajiit will be the best climbers, the best deceivers, and the best survivors.

Orc Clan Captain

“Orcs at the ready!”

Orcs always know fighting is the only way to survive when surrounded by enemies, and constant battles had made Orcs the bravest and most powerful warriors. They are their enemies’ worst nightmare. Even the Imperial Legion is impressed by their bravery and skills in battle. Great warriors are often lead by great captains, and when the Orc Clan Captain shouts out a battlecry, the warriors assemble and prepare for battle. May Malacath guide them!

Penitus Oculatus Agent

“For the Emperor!”

The number one priority of the Imperial Army is the safety of the Emperor. For that reason, security and intelligence are of the utmost importance. In the Fourth Era, as the Septim’s royal family decayed, the Blades began to work as an intelligence agency. Around this time, “Penitus Oculatus” came into the fray, becoming the protectors of the new royal family, the Medes. Penitus Oculatus means “The Inner Eyes.” As their name suggests, they became the eyes, the sword, and the shield of the Emperor. They even destroyed the last sanctuary of Dark Brotherhood. Unfortunately, just like the Dragonguard wasn’t able to protect Reman III, and the Blades weren’t able to protect Uriel VII, Penitus Oculatus failed to protect Titus Mede II. The aged Emperor regretfully died on the royal ship Katariah in the port of Solitude.

Piercing Javelin

The Piercing Javelin is a useful ability during battle. A spear is one of the best range weapons, especially if you’re throwing an Aedric Spear. Such a spear can deal a large amount of damage to your enemies, sometimes even killing them.

Relentless Raider

“I have no fear of you, cowardly skeever!”

The land of Skyrim is vast and desolate, which never lacks of mad and desprate bandits. In the ancient remains, the abandoned fortress, or even in the forest in the mountains, you can always trace thetrails they left behind, a kind reminder and warning: Do be careful when you’re out there! These relentless raiders will never listen to your story when you beg for your life, their hearts were already dead after long years living in the wild. They prefer to use their axes and swords to speak for themsleves. If you ever encounter one of them, your best shot of surviving is to give in and give out all your possessions, including those golds in your pocket.

Summerset Shieldmage

“Get behind me.”

There are lots of enemy around the Summerset Isles, from Sload to the human Empire, to the Pact and the Covenant, and back to the human Empire. The reason that Summerset is so difficult to defeat and conquer is they have well-trained and experienced Shield Mages to defend their cities and the Summerset Isles. The Summerset Isles Mages are steadfast and powerful, their shields protect their ally and the city.

Triumphant Jarl

“Chase them all the way to Sovngarde!”

On the land of Skyrim, there’s no faster or easier way for the Nords to stand out from others than defeating your foes at the battlefield. The Nords believe in the strength and they are fond of all kinds of combats. A Jarl doesn’t need elegant look, great eloquence or distinguished political experience to earn his people in order to lead the hold. All he has to do is be the first one charging to the battleground, showing he has no fear of death, and deliver victories to his people. This tradition had brought the Nords strength and vitality, and accomplished the great First Empire of the Nords. However, it has becoming harder to see a courageous and fearless Jarl like this one.

Wrothgar Kingpin

“Ya get one shot, make it count.”

Wrothgar is a mountain area located in northeastern High Rock. Despite its difficult environment and hard living condition across High Rock, Skyrim, and the Reach, it’s still Home for the Orcs.

They built their own fortresses and cities from the ground up and hand crafted their entire clan, in which they believe in power above anything else. A good Orc leader must be the strongest in the clan.

When the clan leader grows old and weak, he must retire and find next successor or else the new leader will plunge a sword through his throat.

Ungolim the Listener

“Feel the Night Mother’s love!”

“The Dark Brotherhood” is known throughout the land as a terrifying organization of assassins. They worshiped Night Mother, and she would whisper to them, telling them where the unfortunate souls were waiting to be harvested by the Void. Listeners are the ones who can hear the voice of the Night Mother. The Wood Elf Ungolim stays and prays to the Night Mother in front of her statue in Bravil known as “The Lucky Old Lady” every night. No one in Bravil would imagine that this common Wood Elf is the one who leads the Black Hand and spreads terror throughout the land. Ungolim is a faithful servant to the Night Mother, with his daily routine being completely centered around her. Everyday at 5 p.m., he prays at the statue and listens to the new orders the Mother whispers. Unfortunately for him, he also happens to be a fool. He didn’t realize that there were traitors in the Black Hand. The Night Mother is never tired of seeing betrayal, even between her own children. She had grown tired of Ungolim, as she felt he was foolish and weak, so she didn’t tell him about the betrayal. In the end, he was killed by the Hero while praying to The Lucky Old Lady.

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