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Christiane joined Bethesda Game Studios in 1999 and is still there as a Senior Character Artist in 2023. On the official forums, she posted as Maverique.

Content in this section is old. It is very important to consider it in its historical context. It may no longer reflect the state of TES lore, or the current opinions of the author.

From what I understand, the High Elves in Morrowind are far from effeminate. True, their culture revolves around looks, but in a rather harsh way. In fact, they will kill any offspring that do not fit the “ideal”. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that their race is on the decline… low birth rates aside.

The Elder Scrolls Forums (February 7 2001)

Bonemold armor comes from ground up bones and is mixed with resin and left to set in a…mold. Kinda like plaster of Paris but much tougher 😉 I believe they use bug shells as some of the molds, thus giving a bug-like appearance to that armor as well. Why not just use chitin then? Well, apparently this paste, once set is much stronger than chitin.

Chitin is very easily punctured by pointy things, unless it’s a weevil – those suckers are tough to pin 🙂

The Elder Scrolls Forums (March 30, 2001)

Ash Slaves aren’t dead…yet… they aspire to be the next incarnation to better serve their god 🙂

—(August 23 2001)

You may actually be able to tell males and females apart. Clothed or no. The careful observer will note that male Argonians have larger crests or horns often augmented with gold and earings. The females generally have very short horns, but they like to dress themselves up with jewelry and feathers. Another distinguishing factor is that males are much more brightly colored than the drab females. If you have no basis for comparison, always look in the eyes as there is no typical mammalian physiological dimorphism. Females always have red eyes.

—(September 5 2001)

Actually, the one in the background of that screenshot is a female. The females tend to be darker in coloration and have larger, rounder eyes as well as typical humanoid (albeit fur covered) female physiology. They have also succumbed to human fashion whims by wearing earrings, of a feminine design – not those hoop earrings the males are so fond of.

—(September 6 2001)

Some races like the tattoos more than others. The Nords love their woad and the Dark Elves have more obscure permanent ones. The orcs also display their clan pride with a heavily tattooed face.

Most women, however, don’t really care for this sort of thing, but some are not above ritual scarring…

The Elder Scrolls Forums (November 19, 2001)
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