AFFresh: Ald’ruhn’s Water Mystery

Released In:

After joining the Blades and speaking with Caius you are directed to speak to each of the blades trainers.



Orders: I can't give you orders, but perhaps you can help with one of my current orders. It's not a secret. It seems trivial, even, but it is a bit of a mystery. Where does Ald'ruhn's water come from?

Ald'ruhn's Water: Yes, it's a puzzle, isn't it? There's no rivers or lakes or wells nearby. I never see large shipments of water. Granted, there isn't any major irrigation or fountains, but the residents should require a substantial amount of water daily, and I can't figure out where it comes from.

-Continue: I've tried asking the locals, but they never seem to directly answer my question. It doesn't seem like a House Redoran secret, just something the locals never think about or don't want to discuss with me. If you get a clue about where the water comes from, let me know.

Asking again: Have you found anything? Nothing definite? I'll keep asking myself.


The player begins to ask around town and gets a few answers.


Redoran Guard:

Ald'ruhn's water: What are you talking about? There's plenty of water for our needs.

After persuasion: The Tribunal have blessed us and our city with the daily miracle of water. If you must know more, speak with one of the priests at the temple.


Tuls Valen:

Ald'ruhn's water: If you are asking about the miracle of water, that is no concern for a foreigner.

Asking about after persuasion: You are a foreigner, but you have shown interest in our faith, so I will tell you. Every day around midnight, water falls onto Skar. It runs down into crevices in the bone and is collected in the morning by the faithful.


The player reports back to Gilan with this news.



Ald'ruhn's water: The water is a miracle that falls onto the Emperor Crab? I'll need some confirmation about that. Why don't you try and climb up onto Skar and see if there's anything there at midnight.


The player heads out after dark and heads up to the top of Skar and nothing occurs that night. The player heads back to Gilan to report.



Ald'ruhn's water: You were there and didn't see any water? Odd. I did hear some people comlaining that the water didn't refill though. Maybe ask a few locals about it?


Following the advice the player asks around town again and finds a revelation.


Redoran Guard:

Ald'ruhn's water: Have you heard? The miracle has not occurred. Someone must have tried to see the miracle or steal the water and now we are being punished for their lack of faith. You should speak with the priests. Perhaps they know a way the miracle can be restored.


From here the player heads back to the temple to see if there is anything you can do.


Tuls Valen:

Ald'ruhn's water: What?! You tried to spy on the miracle of water? Of course it did not occur when you were there! And now the whole town will have to suffer for your lack of faith. Go, ponder what you have done!

Asking again: You fool. Do not speak of this again.


Finally returning to Gilan one last time you report your findings.



Ald'ruhn's water: So the only explanation is that it's a miracle, it just appears at midnight, and if someone's looking at it, the Tribunal punish the whole town for a lack of faith? That's crazy. I don't belive it. But thanks for taking time to help out. I'll keep looking for the real source of the water. Here's a few trinkets for your trouble.

Asking again: I haven't had any luck finding out the real source. How about you.

Asking again: Now perhaps you can convince Gildan of the miracle so she stops pestering the whole town with questions.

Orders: I'm still not sure where Ald'ruhn gets its water, but there's nothing else you can help with right now.


The player will leave Gilan and have to ponder their actions and the consequences of it as unfortunately there is no way to restore this miracle that they are made aware of.




Alternatively if you are a member of the Tribunal temple you can get a bit more dialogue from the priests.


Tuls Valen:

Ald'ruhn's water: As a fellow member of the Temple, you should know of the miracle of water. Every night around midnight water falls from the sky above Skar. It runs into the crevices between the bones and is then gathered in the morning by the faithful. But be warned: if anyone tries to steal any of it, it will not fall that night and the whole town will suffer.


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