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Alan Nanes is a senior game designer at Bethesda Softworks. He started with the company in 2002 and is still there as of 2023.

On Mysterious Akavir (06/15/06)

Much of the lore from Mysterious Akavir is from the scrolls and works of Tosh Raka, the “Tiger-Dragon” who was revered as a divine in Akavir. There was a time when the tiger-beings (of Ka Po’Tun) and the snake-beings (of Po Tun) were at war. The snake-beings had already consumed all of the humans for fear they would someday take over their land, but cleverly, the tiger-beings kept a hidden force of servitor humans to help defend them. After the dust settled, there was still a viable force of human warriors (the precursors to the Blades) whose decedents later on were used in the invasion of Tamriel. This led to the remains of the warriors at Pale Pass.

We created the lore, and you can take this as “fact”.

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