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Books in the category: Other

These books, well, we really don't know where the to put them.
  • Artifact Dialog - Anonymous
    A collection of dialog concerning the legendary artifacts of Tamriel
  • Exclamations - Anonymous
    Region-based exclamations and curses from around the Empire.
  • City Descriptions - Anonymous
    Welcome messages and brief descriptions of each city found in Arena.
  • Stolen Items - Anonymous
    Descriptions of the stuff you steal out of people's pockets.
  • Occupations and their Descriptions - Anonymous
    This page lists the various occupations available to NPCs in Arena
  • Jokes - Anonymous
    Rather lame jokes.
  • Holidays - Anonymous
    Descriptions of Arena's holidays and what the people have to say about them.
  • Location Entry Messages - Anonymous
    Messages displayed based on season when you enter an audience chamber, tavern, shop, temple, or mages guild.
  • Organizations - Anonymous
    The various guilds of Tamriel, and what fighting them looks like
  • Rumors - Anonymous
    Stuff the people tell you, general and quest-related