Pocket Guide to the Empire, Second Edition — The Wheel Metamundic

Released In:

Wheel Metamundic was intended to cover the overall nature of the mortal realm, and serve as a high level intro to Tamriel, similar to those found in the 1st and 3rd Guides.

Adanorcil proposed pulling a “Copernicus on nirnocentrism” and outright asking why “everything in existence is so goddamn interested in the mortal world.”

In his proposal, the chapter would be structured like this:

Watching us: The Spokes of Heaven: Elaborate on how spokes both support the hub, but also keep it in place should it want to move around. Describe impossible dimensions and locations. Cast the god planets in the role of both custodians and guards.

Beholding us: The Spheres of Misrule: Where they fit in and what they find so fascinating about the mortal world. Why, even in terms of infinity, they are much bigger than the god planets.

Looking for us: The Empyrean Beyond: Of the stars, where they are, what shapes they take (constellations). How the the god planets are insignificantly small compared to them. Perhaps a small reference to a SETI-like project: a star once said hello, but it was hushed up.

Unfortunately, while everyone approved of this idea, the chapter was never written.

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