Pocket Guide to the Empire, Second Edition — Westward, Serpents Lie: Hammerfell

Released In:

Hammerfell was one of the least worked on sections of the 2nd Pocket Guide. Baruch and Lady Nerevar signed up to take ownership of it, since they had both spent the last half decade on Tamriel Rebuilt’s Hammerfell project, but outside of brainstorming a basic thesis, no work was done. The core idea was that “a united Hammerfell would be the worst threat the Empire has ever faced,” (proposed by Lady Nerevar) as well as “if that’s true, why haven’t they done it yet?” (retort by Michael Kirkbride). A variety of ideas were suggested, centering chiefly around their relationship to Yokuda and/or Tiber Septim, but nothing stuck.

The title used for this section was not present in the original outline, and is instead taken from a proposal by Baruch.

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