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Vivec the Poet is one of the three Immortal God-Kings of Morrowind. Vivec is the most gallant knight and the most subtle rogue of the First Council. At once brave and honorable, and cunning and devious, Vivec is a rare combination of the virtues of flamboyant adventurer and prudent statesman. Lord Vivec is a lover of both words and deeds, and a master of weapons and poetry.

The background information about Vivec before the War of the Red Mountain was vague and shrouded in myth and legend, as told by his 36 Sermons. Vivec was recorded during the War of the First Council as the member of the Tribunal and a friend of Nerevar.

After the War of the First Council and the death of Nerevar, Almalexia along with Sotha Sil and Vivec climbed the Red Mountain and entered the Heart Chamber. Previously Sotha Sil had studied the Kagrenac’s Tools, and gained knowledge how to use the tools to produce certain tone in order to tap the divine power of Lorkhan’s Heart. Without resistance, the three used the tools and established the link to the heart. The three gained the immortality and the power of the god.

There are two conflicting accounts on this event. The first is the book titled “Nerevar at Red Mountain” that was written from the oral tradition of the Ashlanders, which in turn was following the story of Alandro Sul, a shield-companion of Nerevar. The book stated that when Nerevar brought the news that he possessed the Kagrenac’s Tools to the Tribunal, the Tribunal saw the great potential for the tools would give them divine powers and immortality. Nerevar was against this idea; therefore they had to murder Nerevar. When Daedric Prince Azura came confronting them, the Tribunal just laughed at Azura. Then Azura cursed the Tribunal and the Chimer race, and warned them that Nerevar would come back and punish them. Then the Tribunal used the tools to make themselves gods.

The second book, titled “The Battle of Red Mountain, and the Rise and Fall of the Tribunal” contains the official statement from the Tribunal about Nerevar and their ascension to godhood. Nerevar forced the Tribunal to make oath on Daedric Prince Azura that they would never use the Kagrenac’s Tools. Then Nerevar died. The Tribunal broke the oath and used the tools to make themselves gods. Azura came and confronted the Tribunal. The Tribunal answered Azura that the Chimer no longer needed the old gods as the Chimer had the Tribunal as the new wise and caring gods. Azura cursed them and the Chimer race, and warned them that Nerevar would come back and punish them.

Regardless of the conflicting sources, the Chimer race was turned to the Dunmer with ash colored skin and red eyes. Also, the warning of Azura became the Prophecy of Nerevarine and popular among the Ashlanders. The Tribunal ruled as the immortal god-king of the Morrowind.

Vivec was known to participate in many battles as the General of Morrowind. In the First Era, Reman’s victory over the invading Akavir more or less was caused by the action of Vivec. Vivec and his army cut the supply line of the Akaviri force. The invading force that was engaging the Reman’s soldiers could not receive supply and reinforcement from the eastern coast of Tamriel. Reman’s victory led to the rise of the Second Empire of Men.

Late in the Second Era, Reman Dynasty of Cyrodiil eventually invaded Morrowind. It was the war known as the Four Score War. In the end, Morrowind was defeated. Vivec had to met and dealt with Prince Juilek, the heir of Reman Dynasty of the Empire, discussing the terms of Morrowind’s surrender and the peace between the Empire and Morrowind. Although Morrowind was technically a part of the Empire, but the Tribunal retained their control over Morrowind.

Vivec also taught his people to breathe water when the Akaviri force once again invaded Morrowind in the Second Era. Vivec then flooded Morrowind, and the invading Akaviri force was drowned.

Late in the Second Era, Dagoth Ur and his brothers took over the Heart Chamber from the Tribunal. Without access to the Heart of Lorkhan, the power of Tribunal started to diminish.

Then Tiber Septim’s conquest reached Morrowind. In order to avoid bloodshed and the poor position of Morrowind and the Tribunal, Vivec made a deal with Tiber Septim. More of less the result of the meeting was the same as the previous deal with Reman Dynasty. To seal the peace between the Empire and Morrowind, Vivec presented Numidium to Tiber Septim, but Vivec did not give the knowledge of how to make Numidium move.

The threat from Dagoth Ur’s minions increased. The Tribunal established a chain of magical barrier surrounding the Red mountain, called the Ghostfence. And another misfortune struck the Tribunal, Keening and Sunder were captured by Dagoth Odros and Dagoth Vemyn. The Tribunal continued to grow weaker without access to the Heart and the resources required maintaining the Ghostfence.

Then late in the Third Era, the Emperor Uriel Septim VII sent his agent to Morrowind to investigate the prophecy about the Nerevarine and the emerging Sixth House. The agent eventually became the Nerevarine. Vivec met the Nerevarine and gave him Wraithguard, the last Kagrenac’s Tools that was in the Tribunal possession, and taught the Nerevarine how to use the three tools of Kagrenac.

The Nerevarine wrestled Keening and Sunder from Dagoth Odros and Dagoth Vemyn, and eventually confronted Dagoth Ur. In order to kill Dagoth Ur, the Nerevarine had to release the Heart of Lorkhan, by doing so the divine power of Dagoth Ur was removed. Unfortunately the links of the Tribunal to the heart were also severed; this made them mortal once more.

After these events, the Nerevarine was forced to kill Almalexia. In madness due to losing of her godhood, Almalexia killed Sotha Sil and attempted to kill the Nerevarine as well. In self defense, the Nerevarine eventually killed Almalexia. Learning the death of the two Tribunes, bitterly Vivec said, “That is very sad. I presume she killed Sotha Sil. I thought she might harm me. And I presume she tried to kill you, Nerevarine. It is all very sad. But death comes to all mortals -- and we are all mortal now. In time, death will come to me, Nerevarine -- perhaps even at your hands. It is futile to deny one's fate. But, nonetheless, I'm afraid I find it all very, very sad that it should end this way, something that began in such glory and noble promise.”

Sometime after that, Vivec disappeared; rumor says that he ascended to Aetherius, while others say that the Nerevarine killed Vivec as well.

There was a roleplay by some of the developers and ex-developers along with some fans, about the days after the Nerevarine ended the Tribunal and Dagoth Ur godhood. The event was started when some scholars questioned the secret message about the murder of Nerevar. The event was called as "The Trial of Vivec."