Vine-Tongues: A Happy Home

When you return home after a long and grueling journey, you want a nice warm bed and a hot meal. The same is true of your vine-tongue! Well, except for the hot meal. They prefer their food raw and somewhat wiggly. Your vine-tongue deserves the best, and it's your job to provide it for them.

For maximum comfort, your vine-tongue prefers a humid climate on a patch of soil surrounded by standing water. In addition, the area you designate as your vine-tongue's lair needs to appeal to wandering creatures. Once your beloved plant gets big enough, it will want to supplement the delicious diet you provide with prey that it catches on its own. Not only does this give your plant a sense of accomplishment, it helps keep your home free of vermin.

Did you realize that vine-tongues make excellent sentries? Put them up high where they can observe their surroundings and admire the sights. If anyone tries to come near your property, your new friend will greet them appropriately. Just be sure to restrain your vine-tongue before friends and family come to visit in order to avoid any unfortunate misunderstandings.

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