Veya’s Private Thoughts, Part 4

Author (in-game): Veya

Reaching Summerset

I am reborn.

Mother has made it clear to me that the path I followed was not my own. That I’d be a slave to this world’s rules and laws. That I’d be forced to walk the steps of another. I should be free, and free is what I shall become.

From the darkness, a new dawn is about to break over this world. With the coming of this dawn, hatred, greed, and death will be wiped away. I am so ready for this to occur and I’ve never been more sure about the part I want to play.

Mother has offered me a position in the Court of Bedlam, a group dedicated to bring this new world into existence. But Mother’s plans go well beyond even this prestigious group.

Mother has given me a new name. A new goal. Blood will be spilled. Lives will be lost. But in the end, the world itself shall change. No more pain. No more loss.

No longer am I daughter of House Redoran. Now I am a daughter of Nocturnal.

My name is Tundilwen, and I will burn the world so that a better one may rise from the ashes.

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