Veya’s Private Thoughts, Part 2

Author (in-game): Veya

At Sea

When you’re a passenger on a ship that must travel an immense distance, your boredom increases with each passing day. In a way, this boredom has allowed me to process my thoughts. To try to understand the events that transpired and how I now find myself heading to Summerset.

But what do I reflect on? Why, the circumstances that brought me to this point, of course. How my brother was taken from me. How my family and their damn honor were to blame. I avenged my brother, even though that meant taking the life of my father. My former master tried to help me. She spirited me out of Morrowind, put me on this ship to a distant, foreign land. Even if she refused to listen to my arguments and pleas to stay, her intentions were good. At least, I keep telling myself that. She had to lie to so many people—her organization, her allies, and her loved ones—all to ensure that I got out of there safely.

Can I really forget that she tried to kill me, though? That she tried to stop me from doing the very thing that I had to do? Her and the other one. The one I thought was my friend. I’m still alive. I guess that’s something.

I know I did the right thing. And I’d kill my father again. It’s this world. All the politics and pride. The pursuit of gold and power. It causes nothing but death, death, and more death. I’d do anything to put an end to it all.

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