Veya’s Private Thoughts, Part 1

Author: Veya

Leaving Morrowind

For the first time in my life, I'm alone. I've felt loneliness before, but what I feel now is a crushing weight that smothers me. It fills my every thought. Clouds my every judgment.

Should I be angry? Sad? Relieved? I'm getting a new start. My mentor, Naryu, guaranteed that. I'm to report to a Khajiit who I am assured will look after me. Someone who will continue to train me, though in a very different way from the Morag Tong. My past will be wiped away.

But is this what I want? Another person to tell me what I can and cannot do? To forget where I came from and the pain I felt from my own family's actions? That's what made me who I am. What shapes me.

Can I really forget all that and leave Morrowind behind me?

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