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The Vampires


Here is the compilation of one of the dark sides of the Elder Scrolls: The Vampire.

This compilation consists of two big parts:

Vampire of Iliac Bay


The original text was written in the Legend of Daggerfall - this great site has been terminated by its webmaster.

Unless the PC is suitably protected, there is a 0.6% chance per successful hit that a Vampire scores on him or her, that the PC will contract Vampirism. Such an afflicted character will become a Vampire three nights after this affliction unless precautions are taken.

The PC receives a hint that he is inflicted during a prophetic nightmare (about a beautiful woman crying tears of blood) which he or she gets on the night of the affliction.

On the third day, when the PC sleeps, he awakens in a mausoleum two weeks later with all of his equipment (the religion of the time being Egyptian in its belief that people should be buried with items precious to them.)

The dream is quite unmistakable and quite eerie.

General Information

After being a Vampire for awhile the PC will be contacted by his or her clan. The clan that the PC is in is determined by what region the PC was infected in. The different 'Clans' or 'Families' have different attributes and skills that will be added to the general skills of being a Vampire. Upon becoming a Vampire, all Guild affiliations and title are removed. However, your reputation remains the same in any Guild that you were a part of and you may go back and rejoin that guild and quickly be back at your old rank. If you plan to travel as a Vampire by day a good regeneration spell may be necessary to survive. If you were a member of a Temple before, remember that you now take damage in Holy Places.



  • All Attributes are increased 20 pts (to a maximum of 100), except for Intelligence.
  • The spells levitate, charm mortal, and calm humanoid appear in the PC's Spell book, even if the PC has them already. These spells can be cast an unlimited amount of times per day, requiring fewer spell points than normal. Any other spell costs the normal amount of Spell Points.
  • The PC gains a 30 point increase in the following skills: Jumping, Running, Stealth, Critical Striking, Climbing, and Hand to Hand (with obviously no corresponding level increase).
  • The PC is immune to all diseases and paralysis.
  • All the PC's Guild Affiliations and title are removed (See General Info on this subject).
  • The PC suffers damage from being outside during the day.
  • The PC suffers damage from being in a Holy Place.
  • The PC's Vampire Clan is based on the region where that PC was afflicted.

Vampire Clans and Bonuses

Clan Location Clan Name Added Bonus Spell(s)
Isle of Balfiera
Wrothgarian Mountains
Lysrezi Invisibilty/Silence
Alik'r Desert
Anthosis +20 to Intelligence
Glenumbra Moors
Vraseth Nimbleness
Dragontail Mountains
Khulari Paralysis
Thrafey Heal
Illesan Hills
Haarvenu Ice Storm/Wildfire
Garlythi Shield
Selenu Resist Cold/Fire/Shock
Montalion Free Action<


The Cure

  • Research on the subject will reveal a couple of methods for curing a vampire. But only one way is true. Once a year the PC will be approached by Vampire Hunters and offered a quest to cure himself. Vampire Hunters are rarely successful. However, this is no reason to get careless. On rare occasions they have resorted to offering cures rather than the more dangerous confrontations. If you accept the quest, it will eventually lead to a cure.
  • There is a mission given by witches covens to deliver a potion to the Mages Guild. If you drink the potion, it cures Vampirism/Lycanthropy.


These are several of the witches coven locations:

The Glenmoril Wyrd Coven (The Glenmoril Witches)

The Glenmoril Witches are commonly found in the cities, and are the most common and largest coven in Tamriel. The Glenmoril Witches can be found in the capitol cities of some of the major provinces.

NOTE: The Glenmoril Witches will only summon the Daedra Hircine. Also, since there are so many Glenmoril Covens their locations will be listed separately from the rest. I believe that there are probably hundreds of Glenmoril Covens but since they are most all in unmarked houses in random cities they are never found.

Locations of Glenmoril Covens:

1 Longing Province: Daggerfall
Located in a small house in the far South West Corner. It will be the house furthest west in that corner.
2 Easttale Province: Wayrest
Located in a House for Sale about 2 houses southeast of the Mages Guild. The door of the house faces to the south.
3 Midpath Hill Province: Orsinium Area
A house located in the north-center of town is one of the Glenmoril Covens.
4 Daggerfall Province: Daggerfall
The Coven is located directly east of the Thieves Guild. The Thieves Guild is in the South-Central part of town for those who aren't members. The Thieves Guild is a small one story house that has a small fenced in courtyard. There is a pig in the courtyard.
5 Zaguthudisa Province: Sentinel
In a small house two houses south of the Temple. The door of the house faces to the west.
6 Holleigh Province: Anticlere
Very near the palace in an orange house with a bit of fence protruding from the left hand side (when facing the door).
7 Illesian Hills (Area) Province: Illesian Hills
The only Glenmoril Coven found outside of a city. Since the coven is so large and inhabited by so many women this may be their main base of operations. Located in East-Central. North and Slightly West of Old Chrystausa's Place.
The Other Covens
NOTE: The locations are generally measured by squares. A square is the size that one town shows up as on the map. Therefore, since the square of a town is one pixel than two squares west would be two pixels west of that town when zoomed into the map.
1 The Coven of Dust Province: Antiphyllos
Two Squares North-East of the Perpetual Sunrise of Mara.
2 The Coven on the Bluff Province: Daggerfall
Two squares west, and one square north of the Ashford Graveyard.
3 Alcaire Coven Province: Alcaire
North West Alcaire, near the border. Slightly southeast of Ashsmith Plantation.
4 Beldama Coven Province: Daenia
Located in North Central Daenia, South of the Greenham Manor, and north and slightly east of the Old Masterhouse Shack.
5 Skeffington Coven Province: Phrygias
South-Central, near the border, due west of Old Barbyn's Farm.
6 Wroth Coven Province: Wrothgarian Mountains
South East edge of province, due east of Deerville.
7 The Coven of the Tide Province: Myrkwasa
Center of Province, South-East of Rhanotuujer and North-West of Thofyl Manor.
8 Devilrock Coven Province: Dragontail Mountains
North Seacoast, Due West of the Joyous Altar of Arkay.
9 Kykos Coven Province: Dak'fron
South-West Central of Province. Due West of Cerumbator.
10 Coven in the Marsh Province: Alik'r Desert
North-Central border, North West of the Gentle Star of Stendarr.
11 Daggerfall Coven
Located in Shalgora, SouthWest of Woodham Manor.

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Vampire of Vvardenfell

General Information

Vampires in Vvardenfell are not too different from their brethren in the west. Contrary to the west, where we know that there are so many vampire clans, in Vvardenfell only three clans exist. They are Aundae, Berne and Quarra. Each of them has special abilities besides the standard vampiric abilities. We will talk of this later.

By fighting hand-to-hand with a vampire, there is a certain possibility that the disease will be transferred. The vampirism is 'halfway' transferred when the person contracts the disease called Porphyric Hemophilia. If it's not cured in three days, the person will have a dream and he will change to a vampire. The dream, as in western vampires' dream, is quite creepy. Here is the description of the dream as stated by some vampires we interviewed.

"I dreamt of a blond maiden. I drew near, and saw she was crying, but her tears were red as blood. I touched her tears and tasted them, and they were wonderfully salty, sharp with spice and savor. But the maiden's face had changed, her skin grey-white, and red tears dripped from her lips, and her hair had turned black, and wreathed her head like twining snakes. I was afraid, but could not run. I screamed, and then I woke, heart pounding, cramped and aching."

Here are some possible dreams a vampire received when he tried to rest. Obviously it is no use to rest for a vampire as his body is not regenerating.

  • "You dream of long days spent basking in the sunlight of your native lands. You feel the warmth and the heat, and feel your body become refreshed. Then you awaken, knowing it was but a dream."
  • "In your dream, you see a beautiful young Dunmer woman holding an infant to her breast. It is only as you draw near that you realize that the woman is a desiccated corpse and the child is purple and bloated, dying of plague. As mother and child crumble to dust, you awaken."
  • "In your dream, an old Ashlander wise-woman treats you for burns on your hands. As she applies a salve to your skin, you feel the tingle of magic as the pain begins to subside. But as you watch, the flesh of your hands begins to bubble, crack, and split, falling in chunks to the floor of her yurt. As the wise-woman smiles, you wake up."
  • "In a dream from your childhood you remember playing hiding games with your young friends on a warm summer afternoon. You hide in your parents� barn, sure you will not be found. Soon, the sweet smell of hay is replaced by a darker, sickly smell. You move deeper into the barn, only to stumble on the rotting corpses of your parents, their throats ripped out. You try to scream as your parents rise and pull you into an embrace."
  • "You dream of a sumptuous banquet spread out before you. You feast on a particularly choice cut of roasted meat, and its aroma makes your mouth water. It is only as you cut into the last portion that you see the scrib larvae squirming inside. You cough blood as the larvae begin eating their way out of your stomach."
  • "You lay on your back, with a blissful feeling of peace swirling through your brain. Your every muscle is relaxed. There is no tension in any part of your body. You feel completely at ease. As your vision comes into focus, you notice others standing around you. As a man leans towards you, you recognize the robes of the Telvanni mage, and you see a glint of light from his scalpel as it begins to cut through your flesh."
  • "A warm, gentle breeze causes a tickle on your face, but as you go to brush it off, you find you cannot move your arms. Looking at your skin, you realize that it has turned to a brittle, green glass. Standing perfectly still, you breathe in shallow gulps of air, knowing that moving would cause your skin to shatter into thousands of pieces. The tickle on your face worsens, and you know that you are about to sneeze. As your skin shatters, you wake up sweating."
  • "In your dream, you open your eyes to a beautiful blue sky. The sun is bright, but you feel cool, even a bit damp. You draw a breath but begin to cough, as you expel blood and dirt that you've inhaled into your lungs. As you try to draw another, you see a shovel of dirt being emptied onto your face. The sunlight grows fainter as you view it through the soil that covers your body. You would scream, but your mouth fills with dirt before you can make a sound."


By becoming a vampire, a person will have a boost to his/her attributes, however there are some disadvantages or weaknesses as well. The major disadvantage is that most people doesn't want to talk with a vampire, this resulted that the vampire cannot get the public service that that people normally offer. So a vampire cannot trade with the merchants, and the worse of it, a vampire cannot get a ride in a ship or Silt Strider. Mages Guild and Telvanni members may still communicate with a vampire although they will refuse to do all the common guild services. Other disadvantage is the sun damage. A vampire will get a constant damage when he stands under the sun. Also a vampire is very vulnerable to fire, this is a big vampire weakness.

Here is the list of the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a vampire:

Vampire bonuses:

  • Strength +20
  • Speed +20
  • Willpower +20
  • Sneak +30
  • Hand to Hand +30
  • Unarmed +30
  • Mysticism +30
  • Illusion +30
  • Destruction +30
  • Resist paralysis: 100%
  • Resist Common desease: 100%
  • Resist Normal weapons: 50%
  • Vampire Touch (absorb health 10 to 30 pts on touch)

Vampire penalties:

  • Weakness to fire: 50%
  • Sun Damage: 5 pts per second
  • Communication penalties
  • Non-regenerated health

Vampire Clans and Bonuses

If a person gets attacked by a vampire, and contracts Porphyric Hemophilia, the attacking vampire clan's blood will also be transferred. This will make the newborn vampire belong to the particular vampire clan. Each vampire clan blood has different bonuses. Here are their details:

Clan Aundae additional bonuses:

  • Willpower +20 points
  • Mysticism +20 points
  • Destruction +20 points
  • Short Blade +20 points

Clan Berne additional bonuses:

  • Agility +20 points
  • Sneak +20 points
  • Unarmored +20 points
  • Hand-to-Hand +20 points

Clan Quarra additional bonuses:

  • Strength +20 points
  • Heavy Armor +20 points
  • Blunt Weapons +20 points
  • Hand-to-Hand +20 points

Now we should discuss about the location of each clan. Clan Aundae deals mostly with magic as their innate blood abilities. The current leader of the Clan Aundae is Dhaunayne Aundae, an Altmer Ancient Vampire. The location of their headquarters is in Sheogorad region, on the second island to the west of Rotheran, in a tomb called Ashmelech. Other Aundae lairs are Aralen Ancestral Tomb (Grazeland region, South of Zainab Ashlander Camp), Dulo Ancestral Tomb (Molag Amur region, Southwest of Uvirith's Grave/West of Galom Daeus) and Sarethi Ancestral Tomb (Sheogorad region - Northwest of Dagon Fel on the northern coast).

An Ancient Imperial Vampire, Raxle Berne is the leader of Clan Berne. This stealth type vampire clan has headquarters in northern Molag Amur region, west of Uvirith's Grave. The headquarters' name is Galom Daeus, an ancient dwemer observatory. Other known Clan Berne lairs are Andrethi Ancestral Tomb (Bitter Coast region, West of Balmora), Othrelas Ancestral Tomb (Ascadian Isles region, North of Vivec, Hlaalu Canton), and Raviro Ancestral Tomb (Molag Amur region - West of Molag Mar Silt Strider Port).

Clan Quarra is the combat oriented vampire clan. This clan is lead by the Ancient Imperial Vampire, Volrina Quarra. As Clan Berne, this vampire clan takes a dwemer ruin as their headquarters. Their headquarters, Druscashti is located southwest of Urshilaku Ashlander Camp in Ashlands region. Other known Clan Quarra lairs are Alen Ancestral Tomb (Wesh Gash region, Southeast of Khuul), Hleran Ancestral Tomb (West Gash region, West of Ald-ruhn), and Serano Ancestral Tomb (Molag Amur region, West of Uvirith's Grave).

Please note that there are some vampires that are not belong to the known Vampire Clans. They are the rogue vampires and the independent vampires. In the case of independent vampires we record from the north that there is a rumor about an Ancient Imperial Vampire named Marara. She is rumored to be tired of her undead state but still she is reported terrorizing the surrounding area. From various sources we have learned that she lives in Drethan Ancestral Tomb (Sheogorad region - East of Rotheran). She has Berne blood.

In the center of Vvardenfell we note that there is an Ancient Dunmer Vampire named Mastrius locked inside Salvel Ancestral Tomb (Ashlands region, inside the Ghostfence - North of Tureynulal). Long time ago this Mastrius offended Daedra Prince Azura, and she imprisoned him inside the tomb without 'food', leaving him extremely powerless. He has Quarra blood.

In the case of rogue vampires, vampires that left their clan or were banned, we take note of the vampires Merta, Irarak and Calvario. All of them were belong to Clan Berne. Merta can be found in the Reloth Ancestral Tomb (West Gash region - West of Maar Gaan, Southwest of Daedric Shrine Maelkashishi). Irarak, a founder of a new vampiric cult, can be found in Ginith Ancestral Tomb (West Gash region - Southwest of Ald Velothi). Calvario takes Nerano Ancestral Tomb (Grazelands region - West of Tel Vos, North of Nchuleft Ruin) as his home.

The Cure

Most of the Vvardenfell's inhabitants know that there is no possible cure for vampirism. When a person is changed to a vampire, no known potions and magic spell can cure him. He is then considered an undead and will be hunted by guards and ordinators. However, there is a Buoyant Armiger that was cured of vampirism in the past. His name is Galur Rithari. For some certain reason, his journal is kept secret by the Dunmer Temple. From various sources, we know that Vivec Hall of Justice Secret Library owns his journal. A copy of his journal is also owned by Raxle Berne.

With a difficulty we are finally able to procure the book. In the book Galur Rithari tells that he finally got a cure with the help of Daedra Prince Molag Bal, obviously after a difficult quest. He also mentions about Bal Ur, his former post. We are positive that this must be the daedric shrine of Bal Ur in the Molag Amur region. The quest for vampirism cure varies for each person. For example, Galur Rithari was sent to northern slope of Dagoth Ur to obtain a cursed soul gem.

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