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Vampire Naturalist's Journal

Librarian Comment: 

Book added by Pets of Skyrim from the Creation Club

While my siblings may be obsessed with the taste that fear imbues in the blood of mortals, I find that pain lends a much more potent sweetness. And nothing is quite so capable of causing pain as the venom of a frostbite spider.
But alas, the usual method of harvesting frostbite venom involves killing the spider - a costly and dangerous venture. Far too little venom can be obtained through violent methods for the experiments I wish to conduct.
To that end, I have captured a frostbite spider from deeper in the cave so that I may regularly collect its venom, which seems to be unusually potent. I discovered that it appears to have some measure of intelligence, and I have been attempting to teach it to obey certain orders. Oh how delicious it would be to have a tamed spider entangle my prey on command!
I think I will name it Arachnia.