Treasure Hunter’s Journal [Chill Hollow]

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

This journal shipped in the original release of Elder Scrolls Online, and is not to be confused with this other Treasure Hunter’s Journal (from Cragnorn) or this one (from the TES5: Skyrim Creation Club)

Day 1

We found the Chill Hollow today. It’s a winding depression in the rock filled with ice and snow. It looks like someone got here before us. Poor Hjalo. He should have brought along a few friends!

Day 3

After two days of hunting through these tunnels of ice, I think we finally cleared out all the wolves. With that taken care of, we can start digging for that gold the Bandit Lord Krogen supposedly hid within this frozen hole in the ground.

Day 4

Strange sounds from deeper within the cave. Could be echoes of the noise we’re making as we struggle to dig through the ice and rock. Or it could be something else. I think we’ll post guards tonight.

Day 6

Alfen disappeared last night. The others think he gave up and went home. But I don’t think so. He was really looking forward to his share of the treasure.

Day 7

The wolves have returned, and they aren’t happy with us. Plus, we’ve been seeing strange, ghostly shapes floating in the darkest corners of the cave. I’m not sure we made the right decision comin—

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