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V - Translation Dictionary


va (1) - (prep.) in. Va garla agea. [Ayleid]
Source: Aylied Inscriptions and their Translations

va (2) - (v.) to be (infinitive). [Ta’agra]
Source: Jobasha

vaal - (n.) bay. [Dragon]
Source: Game Informer

vabazeri - (v.) one thing changing to another, becoming. [Ta’agra]
Source: Jobasha

vahriin - (v.) sworn. [Dragon]
Source: Game Informer

var var var - a proverb meaning “what will be will be” or “it is just so.” [Ta'agra]
Source: TES3: Morrowind

v'arla - (adv.) verily. Ge yni V’arla Bal. [Kothri]
Source: Water Getting Girl.
Comment: etymologically related to varla

varla - (n.) star. [Ayleid]
Source: Magic From the Sky

varlais - (n.) stars. Relleis ye brelyeis ye varlais. [Ayleid]
Source: Ayleid Inscriptions and their Translations

ved - (adj.) black. [Dragon]
Source: Game Informer

vehrumas - (n) kitchen. [Aldmeri]
Source: The Infernal City
Comment: the origin is an Aldmeri dialect possibly native to Umbriel.

viing - (n.) wings. [Dragon]
Source: Game Informer

-vir - (n.) land. Akavir. [Tsaesci]
Source: Mysterious Akavir.

vokul - (adj.) evil. [Dragon]
Source: Game Informer

vokun - (n.) shadow. [Dragon]
Source: Game Informer

volen- - (n.) hammer. Volenfell. [Dwemeri]
Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire

voth - (prep.) with. [Dragon]
Source: Game Informer

vvarden- - (n.) strong shield. Vvarfenfell. [Dwemeri]
Source: Pocket Guide to the Empire