TEST Stormhold Transcript

Misfortune has landed you in Stormhold prison, run by a reputed lunatic Quintus Varus. You must find the few who can help you, and overcome the challenges of Stormhold until you are strong enough to defeat the evil warden. The overseers will put you to work, and it is clear you are not expected to survive long. Prisoners whisper of overseers and other prisoners gone mad who now try to kill workers clearing the Stormhold ruins. You now have a weapon smuggled to you by friends, and ruins to clear.

Walking around the camp the Tunnel Rat speaks to a few other prisoners.


I see they have captured another pearl to cast before the swine. perhaps I can help you later, should fates conspire with us.


Welcome stranger. Know that the dirt here is cleaner than those that have us dig in it. I cannot help you now for we might be seen, but return later.

Favela Dralor:

Dark Times, Dark skies, now you. Welcome. I might help you later… if you prove amusing.


Welcome to Stormhold. I’d offer you a drink but I haven’t got one. Varus has eyes everywhere, but later… perhaps later I can show you a trick or two.


You are in for a rough stay, but I can make it better. You find stuff you don’t need while diggin, bring it here. I can trade you crystals that can save your life down there.


Sorry to see another innocent in Stormhold. I need crystals for my work; should you find some in your digging I will gladly help you for those. Varus opens new tunnels, seeking some Stormhold crystal. But his scheme, removing evil from one man to place in another, is madness. The earth itself oozes corruption as a result afflicting far too many for me to help. 

The Tunnel Rat begins to explore the tunnels and recover crystals.

When beaten in the tunnels the Tunnel Rat awakes back at camp with all his belongings taken.


Ah, you’re awake now. Overseers dragged you in here; but I thinked they lined their pockets first. You should be fine now. 

After several tunnels have been cleared Helga has a new rumor and the Warden visits the camp.


Excavation in the south has opened new tunnels. Varus executed four tunnel rats for knowing the secret of what he seeks. Rumors are that it is a crystal.

Warden Varus:

You are blessed to be part of my plans to rid the Empire of evil. Do your part and your days here shall have a minimum of pain.

After several more tunnels have been cleared Helga has a new rumor and the Warden visits the camp.


They have broken through to new areas in the north. Seek more crystals there.

Warden Varus:

I know you steal from us, but you are an effective tunnel rat. Don’t be greedy, and I shall overlook your indiscretions. 

After several more tunnels have been cleared Helga has a new rumor and the Warden visits the camp.


Excavation in the south has opened new tunnels. Varus threatened me, saying I was after his Storm Crystal. He will kill me I know it, and I don’t even know what the crystal does. 

Warden Varus:

Do you know the value of crystals? I do. So dig all you want, but do not think to take the one I value. It would mean your life. 

After several more tunnels have been cleared Helga gives you grave news.


There has been a breakthrough in the west. Varus is on his way to the Storm Crystal. Please Hurry! You must stop him.

Making way to the Warden the Tunnel Rat find the Warden with the Storm Crystal.

Warden Varus:

Ah…, the master tunnel rat. If you think to pry this prize from my hands you are sorely mistaken. For with it I can remove evil from the empire, all of it, and store it in here. I shall be the greatest hero of the Empire, the Slayer of Evil. And the first evil I shall slay is you. 

After a long fight the Tunnel Rat defeats the Warden.

Warden Quintus Varus lies at your feet. In your hands the Stormhold crystal, pulsing with the distilled power of the priests of a nearly forgotten religion. The crystal cannot hold the evil of the world, but it just might hold enough to undo the corruption of this camp. Corruption cleared, Varus and his overseers defeated, the innocents in the camp may now go free. Wearily you head to the surface. You first set foot in Stormhold as a prisoner, but you shall emerge as a hero. 

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