Seladess and Sirahai-daro, returning from a hunt

Author: Seladess, Sirahai-daro
Released In:

Sirahai-daro: See something you like? Meat or pelts? Killed fresh today, all by me!

Seladess: “All killed by her,” she says. She forgets her good friend with the deadly bow skills so soon!

Sirahai-daro: You know what I didn’t forget? My perfect shot right into the throat of that senche-tiger that pounced on you, oh mighty hunter! Where would you be without good friend Sirahai-daro?

Seladess: It was just a trick; I was ready to drive my dagger into its throat at any second. You ruined the trap! You said it yourself: my armor is tougher than it looks!

Sirahai-daro: Oh, yes, of course; I must apologize for spoiling you

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